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Nutritionists suggested is guaranteed to avoid overeating

Диетологи подсказали, как гарантированно избежать перееданияAccording to nutritionists, the main reason of excess weight is not the speed of metabolism and the hormonal background of the organism, and the usual overeating.

How often do you catch yourself thinking that the last piece eaten was too much? Sometimes it happens… Try to curb the appetite, using the advice of nutritionists.

First, establish how much food you consumed daily. The main thing here is to be honest to myself. For three days keep a food diary, meticulously recording what you eat and drink. Most likely, the result of this research you will be very surprised. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Squeeze the hand into a fist. This size is the stomach. And now imagine, how it stretches when you move. Gradually reduce your portions of food, and after a week start to eat a lot less.

Choose products without dyes, preservatives and sweeteners only stimulate your appetite.

Do not use food unconsciously. Of the TV or computer, you eat several times more than he had intended.

And what if the reason for overeating is stress? Talk about what’s bothering you with a friend. Together you will surely find a way to solve the problem. Among other things, about their emotions, you can write in a diary or on your favorite forum, where there are always people who will support you. Soon, you will feel to eat your feelings treats does not make sense.

Put variety in your own life. Food is the most available pleasure, which comes to replace all others. You can fix this situation! Just find something for the soul or bring to life what had long dreamed of.

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