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Nutritionists suggested how to speed up metabolism and lose weight

Диетологи подсказали, как ускорить обмен веществ и похудетьThe expert recommends to drink plenty of water.

Popular nutritionist Svetlana FUS told its subscribers that will help to make the skin clean and smooth to improve feel and speed up metabolism.

Svetlana FUS recommends that you accustom yourself to drink water, since it is the best option to make the skin condition better, to lighten the mood, but also speed up the metabolism.

“A healthy person you can calculate your daily fluid allowance according to the formula: 40 mg * 1 kg of body weight. That is, if I weigh 60 kg, then I need about 2400 ml of fluid per day. Clean water should be half of the recommended amount. Another half will be supplied with drinks, soups, vegetables, fruits and other products” – says nutritionist.

It is worth remembering that coffee, tea, juice, alcohol and sweet drinks – not the water you want to drink. These drinks, on the contrary harmful, as they contain substances that remove or retain water in the body.

“Start with one glass of clean water in the morning. Drink on an empty stomach, at least 3-4 SIPS and continue to go about their morning rituals. After 40 minutes after a meal drink more water – from 100 to 250 ml. This will allow you to thin out the blood, after meals she is getting thicker,” recommends the expert.

To reduce hunger you can also use a glass of water after drinking the liquid for 40-60 minutes before a meal. Thus it is easy to test hungry, or you still want to drink.

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