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Nutritionists suggested how to get better for those who have a sedentary job

Диетологи подсказали, как не поправиться тем, у кого сидячая работаThese tips will help you to keep a normal weight.

The majority of office workers in one way or another are faced with the problems of excess weight, while many of them do not understand where it comes from.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

The cause of excess weight in most cases is overeating, everything is simple: you consume more calories than the body spends – hence the extra pounds.

But many people think that such can not be considered, because they are the whole day busy at work, doing a bunch of tasks, and a snack just in free minutes.

When I ask patients at the end of the day to recall and record your diet for the day, they are horrified: a couple of sandwiches in the morning with coffee, coffee with biscuits in the afternoon, a slice of pizza for lunch, then another coffee with sugar. Such food nutritionists think is the most harmful not only for figure but also for health.

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“If you want to start the shape, and not to spoil your health, change your relationship to food in the office. Never, under any circumstances skip Breakfast. Boil a couple of eggs or steamed oatmeal – this is a couple of minutes, but in the morning you “turn on” your metabolism and your body during the day will work smoothly and faster, therefore, calories will be burn much better.

For lunch eat soup. On a daily basis. Matter how busy you are, take the time to go down to the dining room or cafe and eat a plate of warm delicious soup. There is no cafeteria and the cafeteria expensive? Bring in a jar and heat. Soup, soup or stew – perfect hearty meal that will fill the stomach, will nourish and maintain the waist.

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Learn to control the volume of food. Chew your food and pause between courses. Ate a bowl of soup and still hungry? Before proceeding to the second dish, walk around the office, wait about 10 minutes– maybe your body just has not felt “the signal of satiety”. Not “swallow” the food, the reason is the same: if you just swallow food, you simply will not have time to understand what has been fed before you overeat.

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