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Nutritionists suggested after the holidays to lose the extra pounds

 Диетологи подсказали, как после праздников сбросить лишние килоChristmas holidays come to an end and it’s time to take care of her figure.

Postnovogodny diet specifically designed for those people who don’t denied myself anything during the Christmas feasts. With this diet you will not only lose weight, but also to restore the metabolism, and improve appearance.

As we know, after a hearty nutritious meals for the new year table is that often there are extra inches on the body, the metabolism, worsens the skin condition and so on. To handle this, the dieticians suggest to sit on “postnovogodny diet”, the result of which will make you happy, because you will get at least 3 extra kilos and will look a lot better. If desired, this diet can be repeated, because it is absolutely harmless.

Approximate menu “postnovogodny diet” every day:


For Breakfast you can eat one egg, hard-boiled, and drink a Cup of unsweetened green tea. As a snack fit boiled cauliflower 100-200 g and again tea. In the afternoon have to eat another egg, and for dessert – an orange. In the afternoon allowed dried apricots, but not more than 100 g. For dinner you can eat an Apple before going to bed drink a glass of buttermilk.

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Breakfast consists of eggs and sweet tea, not with sugar but with honey. You can eat a small grapefruit. For lunch, use a steamer in which you cook lean fish 200-250 grams, drink tea with mint leaves. Will have to spend the whole day modest – only 2 fresh cucumber, however, after half an hour you can drink a Cup of green tea with honey. For dinner you can put out with a minimal amount of oil, seasonal vegetables and tea. Before going to sleep again, you need to drink a glass of yogurt.


Breakfast is similar to the first two days. Lunch same as Monday, only it can be livened up with parsley. In the afternoon allowed chicken breast, boiled or steamed. At lunch eat a serving of low-fat cottage cheese with honey. Your dinner is a salad with carrots and pineapple with lemon juice. Before bed – buttermilk.


Breakfast: salad of fresh vegetables, preferably green, and a Cup of tea with honey. Snack: a green Apple. At lunch you need to eat 1 boiled egg, sprinkled with chopped greens. Afternoon snack: pear or Apple. Dinner: steamed vegetables and a Cup of tea with a slice of lemon. Before you go to bed, drink a glass of yogurt.

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Breakfast, as on Monday, only in tea, add a mint. Snack – steamed seasonal vegetables. Lunch: portion of fresh seasonal vegetables. Snack: piece of whole grain bread and 2 cucumber. Only one orange can be eaten for dinner. At night – kefir.


For Breakfast you can eat about 100 grams of pineapple, preferably fresh. As a snack, perfect salad of fresh vegetables. At lunch allow yourself to eat, as allowed to eat a portion of soup greens and 200 g of boiled veal. Afternoon snack: cottage cheese. Dinner: an orange and tea. Before going to sleep, as always, a Cup of yogurt.


Breakfast: tea and an orange. Lunch: two carrots. Lunch: bowl of vegetable soup and boiled chicken fillet 200 g afternoon Snack: a glass of sour milk. Dinner: fruit salad dish. A Cup of yogurt be sure to drink before bedtime.

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