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Nutritionists shared a major secret to effective weight loss

 Диетологи поделились главным секретом эффективного похуденияThis principle guarantees healthy weight loss.

If none of the specially designed diet programs didn’t work, maybe you should start trying to lose weight in a natural way. This will better to consult the diet containing a lot of fiber.

American researchers have found that intake of foods rich in fiber and has a low amount of calories, increases the chances of natural weight loss. The recommendations of the American heart Association says that for healthy weight loss you need to eat lean meat and reduce by 500 calories a day diet. All this will help to lose weight at 400 grams a week. To succeed you must exercise and drink plenty of water. In some cases, people recommend the Mediterranean diet and the diet of a “caveman” (paleodiet).

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However, the problem is that these systems supply are too bulky and overwhelming. But according to new research, dieters need to purchase only one useful habit is to eat natural foods that contain a lot of fiber. Experiments have shown that the consumption of fiber to get rid of excess weight is no less effective than the most popular program for weight loss.

Such products include, for example, celery, which is available at a cost of a vegetable that contains low amount of calories and high amounts of fiber. They can speed up the metabolism and provide getting rid of excess weight. Celery can be used together with all products, which reduces the fiber content in the diet.

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Pears are considered to be another great product that contains fiber. These are especially useful for those with a sweet tooth, because the pear is a sweet fruit. One bag contains 85 calories and 5 grams of fiber. At last, an excellent sources of fiber include a variety of berries. They are good for health because contain many nutrients from the berries make excellent snacks. Eat the berries either fresh or frozen and in a Cup of berries approximately 97 calories.

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