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Nutritionists said, who can’t eat white bread

Диетологи рассказали, кому нельзя есть белый хлебWhite bread is considered the originator of obesity and called a useless product — but is it really?

Nutritionist Elvira Ter-Oganesyants answered questions from employees of Roccasecca, telling about who the bread from white wheat flour is shown, and who is contraindicated.

According to Elvira Ter-Oganesyants, the assertion of the uselessness of white bread erroneous. The diet of children and people with a high level of physical activity, sportsmen and workers of heavy industries, this product is a good source of energy, containing within itself the starch and easily digestible carbohydrates.

According to nutritionist, eat white bread should be in the first half of the day: in this case, the energy obtained bread, will give an opportunity to feel fresh throughout the day. Consumption of white bread at night will only contribute to weight gain. “By consuming sugar in the blood rises sharply, there is intense release of blood glucose-lowering hormone insulin and the sugar is utilized in adipose tissue,” — said the expert.

The expert stressed that the white bread will not lead to weight gain, if the person is physically active, does not lead a sedentary life and not eating this bread daily.

Speaking about the combination of white bread with other foods, the dietitian has clarified that it is combined with milk, dairy products, soups and vegetables, except potatoes. The combination of white bread and meat is one of the most difficult and harmful for digestion.

At the same time in the acidity of the stomach, chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer disease white bread, especially the dried or yesterday’s, is preferable to other varieties.

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