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Nutritionists recommend to avoid these foods for Breakfast

Диетологи рекомендуют отказаться от этих продуктов на завтракNot all the dishes, even how helpful they did not seem suitable for Breakfast.

Nutritionists called the 5 dishes that are better not to drink after waking up.

Smoothie bowl

Beautiful and delicious smoothie bowl quickly became a trend in nutrition. It’s the same smoothie, only poured into a plate and decorated with a topping and fruit.

However, nutritionists say that a smoothie bowl is not the best way to start your day. Experts say that it is a portion of sugar disguised as a proper Breakfast. Fruits, dried fruits and granola full of glucose and fructose. A large amount of sweet in the morning will lead to a spike in blood sugar that increases the production of hunger hormones and leads to a craving to eat something tasty. Better smoothie bowl to replace the usual oatmeal or homemade granola.

An egg white omelette

There is a perception that the yolks contain high amounts of cholesterol and fats, so many abandon them in favor of pure proteins. Experts claim, so you lose a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body needs. For instance, in yolks contain choline, vitamins D, B and A, iron and selenium.


Yogurt is often added to oatmeal or smoothies, it’s delicious and useful, because it contains probiotics, good for digestion. But be careful when you buy this dairy product. Plain yogurt is often made from the milk of cows fed with antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids and foods treated with herbicides and pesticides. In addition, of yogurt in a large number of dyes, sweeteners and preservatives. Choose only organic products.


We all know that sugar is bad for our health and figure, but in the morning so I want to drink sweet coffee! Unfortunately, the substitutes are just as harmful as sugar. They lead to the same problems: obesity, insulin sensitivity, glucose intolerance, high blood pressure. In addition, many sweeteners are carcinogenic. If you are very difficult without sugar, replace it with stevia or honey.

Dried fruits and nuts

Most often in the hurry you forget the full Breakfast, so ready to eat a mix of dried fruit and nuts. Unfortunately, again, this is not the best solution. Most people associate nuts with healthy fats and protein, but mix is a different story. Manufacturers often add in packs of candied dried fruit, cereal syrup and roasted nuts, which are more harmful than helpful.

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