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Nutritionists outlined the main rules of fasting days

Диетологи обозначили главные правила разгрузочных днейExperts on nutrition and weight loss shared advice on fasting days.

Many people use fasting days in order to maintain your normal weight and to promptly cleanse the body of harmful accumulations. Also, fasting days are in demand among people suffering from obesity or having weight. In any case, why would not use a day diet, it brings health benefits and that’s a fact. The only question is – and whether people “unload” your intestines?

Experts distinguish three kinds of days – protein, carbohydrate and fat. Accordingly, for each of these types of getting certain products. It turns out that the fasting day has nothing to do with hunger and the man must continue to eat only special menu.

Nutritionists have called the basic rules of the fasting day:

1. Drinking large amounts of water. Regardless of which option is unloading the digestive tract you choose, to drink water in large quantity. If every day a person should drink at least three liters of water a day, during the so-called discharge it is necessary to double this figure.

2. The power is frequent, but scarce. Weight a beneficial effect on the peristalsis of the intestine, and also does not overload the digestive organs, and relieves them by taking away most of the work. That is, the more a person will eat and thoroughly chew food, the easier and faster it is metabolized in the digestive system. Acceleration of metabolism is one of the main tasks of the fasting day.

3. Mode. Fasting days should be held regularly. When every week is throwing itself “unloading” – it becomes a good habit, thanks to which improves metabolism is gradually reduced body weight.

Nutritionists advise to resort to fasting days once a week, so they become more effective. And don’t forget to alternate the products for discharge so that the body receives all the necessary components from the food.

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