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Nutritionists have voiced important conditions for successful weight loss

Диетологи озвучили важные условия успешного похудения All want to eat without gaining weight.

In the fight for weight loss, all methods are good, the only thing they need to use without harm for health.

Nutritionists spoke about the products that are able to quickly saturate the body and to eliminate the feeling of hunger for a long time, which is very good when you are watching your weight. Such products can be eaten and not be afraid that the fat is deposited on your sides or stomach.

Plus, the conventional wisdom about nourishing foods and their calorie nutritionists believe is completely wrong. Many people think that if a food is very nutritious, it is super-high in calories, but in reality, everything is exactly the opposite.

How to eat and not getting fat: Golden rules from the dietitians:

1. Oatmeal. About its health benefits and digestive system, you can write the whole poem. Because it is a natural source of fiber, so necessary for fast and correct metabolism. Oatmeal can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, which is very important not only for losing weight, and for those who cares for their body and wants the vessels was always normal.

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2. Lean meats and fish. They quickly fill you up and provide the necessary protein for the body. A lot of meat and fish nutritionists do not advise to use, because a large number of these products will be long to digest in the digestive tract that blocks the weight loss.

3. Potatoes. This vegetable is best to eat separately from other products, so nutritionists advise. It is best to boil or bake the potatoes in their skins and eat with her as right under the skin contains all healthy substances. Potatoes very quickly gives a feeling of satiety, so after him you will want to eat again.

4. Oranges. These citrus fruits are among the most nutritious, they contain only 50-60 calories per fruit, but at the expense of cellulose in the composition satisfy the hunger for long.

5. Chicken eggs. Natural protein in their structure is responsible for satiety, so you eat quickly and did not feel hunger.

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6. Bitter dark chocolate quickly saturates the body, after absolutely do not want to eat other foods in the mouth is a pleasant chocolate taste.

7. Milk, like eggs, rich in protein, so you will have increased strength and unwillingness to sit down to eat. By the way, milk is useful not only for you but also for your children.

8. Cheese instantly nourishes, moreover, it is also most useful for the body and overall health. Cottage cheese is rich in vitamins, proteins and fats, necessary for bone and muscle mass of the body and also for digestion.

9. Pasta of durum wheat in a small amount will fill you up quickly and won’t inhibit weight loss.

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10. Nuts. Of course, you can escape and eat a lot of them, but you should be careful as the nuts a lot of fat. So a handful of nuts is a great snack that will satisfy your hunger quickly and permanently.

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