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Nutritionists have uncovered the secret of how to consume fewer calories

Диетологи раскрыли секрет, как потреблять меньше калорийEating less is not so difficult when you know what to do.

Nutritionists have talked about top ten ways to consume fewer calories during the day without much effort and harm to health.

Do not add to coffee and tea, sugar and cream

A study by American scientists showed that people who drink black coffee with no additives, consume 80-100 calories per day less than those who add cream and sugar. If you drink coffee every day and not limit myself to one Cup per week will be several hundred extra useless calories.

Eat more fiber for Breakfast

The fiber permanently saturates and contain “good” calories. American scientists have found that those who eat oatmeal for Breakfast, during the day, consume 30% fewer calories than those who eat in the morning sweet cereals or flour.

Replace sugary drinks for water

Bank sweet drink contains 150-200 calories. If you like soda, replace it with sparkling mineral water with slices of fruit or a small amount of useful sweetener. This drink will be much healthier (and tastier) of soda from the store.

Eat protein throughout the day

Try to add protein in every meal: this can be dairy products, chicken, Turkey, tofu (if you don’t eat meat), nuts, legumes. Food rich in protein, combined with carbohydrates for a long time nourishes and helps to prevent acute attacks of hunger in the evening.

Pay attention to the salad dressing

Add to salad croutons, bacon or fatty sauces — not the best idea if you want to cook low-calorie dish. Instead of high-calorie sauce better ispolzovalis of lemon or balsamic vinegar instead of bacon — slices of grapefruit. Such supplements are much healthier and contain very little calories.

Choose food before you get hungry

If you know that the feeling of hunger usually finds you unprepared and you are ready to eat whatever comes handy, be prepared. Select and prepare the food you will eat for dinner before the hungry and tired coming home after work.

Keep order in the kitchen

When the kitchen is a mess and impossible to find a package of buckwheat, a hand will reach for the chips and cookies that are usually in a prominent place. Follow the procedures in the kitchen: time to clean the table, remove unwanted objects in drawers, keep a clean locker with cereals and sauces. So you will be much more pleasant to cook healthy and tasty meals.

Cook a meal at home

Some restaurants and cafes dishes are cooked in vegetable oil. Usually it is a mixture of palm, soya and other oils of low quality. To prepare lunch in the office, it will take half an hour and simple ingredients. You will know exactly what is on your plate. Here you can find simple and satisfying recipes dinners that you can take with you.

Cook without oil

One tablespoon of oil contains 50-70 calories. Besides, most of the oils during heating to form carcinogenic substances, which are harmful to the body. To fry or simmer meals without oil, I advise you to buy a non-stick pan or to use water for cooking your favorite dishes.

Do not eat in front of the TV

This rule certainly, but the few people he follows. When a person looks at the TV or phone, and its focus is on information and not on food. That is why he does not notice how eats more than usual. Even if a person ate, it may seem that he is still hungry. So try to eat in silence and without gadgets.

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