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Nutritionists have suggested, the better to snack during the day

Диетологи подсказали, чем лучше перекусить в течение дняWhat should be the ideal snack

In addition to the main meals do not forget about the additional, or so-called snacks. They are a very important component of the diet because prevent acute hunger before the next meal. This writes nutritionist Svetlana FUS in his Instagram.

According to her, the best option of snack that will not only saturate the body, but not very nutritious, is cottage cheese with honey, cinnamon and fruits or berries.

No less tasty and useful salad. For example, you can eat at snack tomato with arugula, mozzarella, olive oil and wholegrain bread. One of my favorite – tuna salad (or shrimp), avocado, tomatoes and celery. Or it could be broccoli with cream cheese, dill and pistachios. Variants – many. So, the body receives the necessary substances and you will still long to feel satiety,
– the expert marks.

According to her, meal is the same meal as everyone else: it can be between Breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner depending on what time you dine.

“If dinner is early, at 12-13 hours, the snack is better to eat 4 hours later after lunch, and if lunch at 15-16, the snack must be done between Breakfast and lunch. Always after eating, after 1-1,5 hours, drink a glass of warm water. So you will learn how to distinguish thirst from hunger,” said the nutritionist.

Regarding the snack before going to bed, Svetlana FUS recommends drinking a glass of water, if you are not sure you feel physical hunger, and if still hungry, eat a small serving of fish or poultry with vegetables.

“The main rule – not to eat before bed and not eat harder to digest foods,” she notes.

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