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Nutritionists have suggested that there are people with different blood type

Диетологи подсказали, что есть людям с разным типом кровиDiet for blood group should give a person more energy.

Understanding of the principles of the digestion of people with different blood group can help to adjust the diet, to lose weight and solve health problems.

For the first time about the diet for blood group talking about 15 years ago, when the American physician James d’adamo published his book “the half blood”. Since then, the number of fans of this diet has steadily increased. What is the secret of popularity of this power system and how effective it is?

Theory diet

Based diet for blood group is based on the theory of human evolution, in which were formed 4 types of blood. The author believes that blood composition varied depending on the type of food eaten by ancient people.

For example, the earliest humans, the CRO-magnons had the same – I blood group. They were hunters and ate only animal protein, that is meat of dead animals. The next stage in evolution, humans began farming. Accordingly, their menu appeared plant foods that changed the composition of the blood beyond recognition. So there was the II blood group. After that, the world has entered a new stage of development – undertook the domestication of wild animals.

As a result, in the disposal of the people appeared the dairy products that they love to include in your diet. This resulted in regular changes in the blood – so were the people with the third group, of which James d’adamo dubbed “nomads”, because their ancestors in ancient times led a nomadic life.

But the speakers of group IV appeared relatively recently – 15 years ago. I should say that this blood type is still not really understood by science, it is assumed that his education was the result of mixing of groups II and III. This means that people with IVгруппой blood is suitable both vegetable and animal food. However, from the ancestors with the third blood group they got a negative reaction to corn, buckwheat, beans and sesame. And from II – love peanuts and lentils.

The essence of the diet

Based on the theory of the origin of blood groups, the American doctor took the liberty to claim that the causes of our obesity and disease lie in incorrectly chosen diet. So, pushing in a little meat eater (I blood group) cereals and pasta, parents supply their child is alien to its body with food. That is, the lion’s share of the diet of the holders of the first group of blood should be meat, diluted with a small amount of vegetables. Because the great-grandchildren of the CRO-magnons and today do an excellent job with lots of protein, from which is extracted the maximum benefit.

The digestive system of people with II blood group adapted to digest plant foods. This means that “farmers” should be vegans with a small amount of protein. The carriers of the III blood group is suitable, and meat and milk. So those, in whose veins this blood type should consume dairy products, and beef, lamb and fish. The holders of the most complex and rare IV blood groups should go for seafood, green vegetables, soy and dairy products and nuts.

Diet for blood group – for the long term. This man kills two birds with one stone: relieve excess weight and revitalizes your body. So to follow this diet at least six months, makes no sense.

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