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Nutritionists have shared in an unusual way not to overeat

Диетологи поделились необычным способом не переедатьHow to get rid of habits of overeating.

A reputable nutritionist from the United States Robert Schwartz gave tips on how to establish a “healthy relationship” with food.

Most importantly, he says, to realize that overeating is an attempt to jam their problems. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

If you eat even when not hungry, and began, can not stop, so therefore you react to their problems, says the nutritionist. To take himself in hand, the specialist advised to make a list of situations in which there are attacks of binge eating, and even better – start a diary and share their candid thoughts about the body and weight loss.

By the Schwartz questionnaire was designed for this diary. According to that list, you should record all the parameters of his body and answer that is in large quantity.

According to Robert Schwartz, you should follow intuitive eating and eat only when hunger. There are hourly, and even more to eat food that is not love, it is not necessary, the expert is convinced: it only reinforces the neurosis with which is always associated overeating.

One of the rules developed by Schwartz says: you should eat what you want. “If the body needs junk food, so be it, give him what he wants. Over time, the body will realize that no one else will limit its, and will behave well,” – said the expert.

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