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Nutritionists have reported effective prescription diet of egg

Диетологи сообщили эффективный рецепт яичной диетыIn today’s world a lot of different weight loss diets.

And few know that you can lose weight eating chicken eggs. On how to effectively lose weight by consuming eggs, you will learn after reading the article.

5 rules of weight loss chicken eggs:

1. Eat no more than two yolks a day

Everyone knows that in egg yolks is a lot of cholesterol that can clog blood vessels and affect the heart. But at the same time in the yolk also contains useful minerals the body needs. So eat 2-3 yolks a day, but no more.

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2. Eat eggs only boiled

Boiled eggs preserve the useful properties of the product, and the maximum absorbed by the body. In no case do not eat fried eggs because frying produces TRANS fats, which adversely affect the digestive system and heart.

3. In the first half of the day eat vegetables

The body needs fat for energy. Best data provider component is the vegetables. In addition to vegetables contain vitamins.

4. In the evening eat eggs

In the evening the body needs proteins, but does not need carbohydrates. So eat boiled egg whites, the last two or three meals.

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5. Watch out for total calories

Eat less than you expend is the key to weight loss. Don’t watch what you eat and how much you eat. You need to consume slightly less food than you expend daily to start losing weight.

Remember that weight loss will be effective in actively burning calories. Exercise and shed weight using the 5 rules weight loss chicken eggs.

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