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Nutritionists have reminded the basic rules of a spring detox

Диетологи напомнили основные правила весеннего детоксаSpring is the season of rebirth and new achievements.

But what if during the winter you have accumulated “energy reserves”, which are deposited in the fat folds? After all, you will hardly rest that the body decided to resist the cold and to compensate for the lack of sun during the short daylight hours.

Remember that in winter you unwittingly increase the volume and caloric intake, reduced physical activity and most of the time were in heat and comfort. Of course, all this affected the appearance and General health. Many, especially women, say that their hair, nails and skin by the end of winter not in the best condition. Also accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and lethargy. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“The reason must be sought in the fact that after the winter the body is always lack of vitamins, and along the way accumulated a lot of “muck and harm”: the bad cholesterol, excess fluid and toxins,” explains nutritionist Sabina Kurbanova.

Global Shoe

The basis of any cleanse is the saturation of the body with water. Nutritionists recommend closer to spring, the amount of clean water needed to increase to about 2 liters per day. “Very well removes waste water, drunk on an empty stomach (any drinking or mineral without gas). Drink 2-2. 5 cups for a couple of hours before Breakfast,” — said the expert on the detox Kira Trinity. It is best to add water a little lemon juice if not allergic to honey, but no more than 1 teaspoon per liter.

During the day, drink before each meal 1.5 cups of water or herbal tea (decoction of rose hips, chamomile, etc.). These drinks help restore energy balance and saturate the body with vitamins (especially vitamin C which is essential for immunity).

The last portion of water you should drink for 2 hours before bedtime. For the best effect of detoxification Kira Trinity recommends that you take activated carbon or any other sorbent. And if you add in the cleansing program, salon treatments, then the cleansing process will be more effective.

Breathing exercises

Part of a good detox would be a short complex of breathing exercises. They can be run in any free time. Doing so will improve the body’s metabolism and saturate tissues with oxygen. Learn to breathe slowly through the nose and exhale through the mouth. After the inhalation hold your breath for 5 seconds.

In the morning after sleep take a few deep breaths with simultaneous lifting on socks and stretch arms forward and exhale when you go down on the full foot and pull the arms along the body. Then do the forward bends on the inhale, and slow exhale – viprasys. You can also do some sit-UPS (on the inhale) and descents (on the exhale).

Rethink your diet

Feel like have put on a little weight over the winter? Experts in nutrition do not recommend immediately go on a strict diet — this may be an additional stress to the body, which wants to soon regain the lost weight and sometimes extra add – on “black day”.

For starters, eliminate from the diet all flour and sugar, minimize fat intake (but don’t forget about the healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which are vital to us).

Can few days to try a mono-diet – for example, rice (rice is a good absorbent). It is well combined with salads of fresh greens and cucumbers, kefir, drinking low-fat and unsweetened yogurt. However, remember about the need of vitamin-mineral complex, because along with the toxins from the body washed out vitamins and many trace elements.

How to get out of “hibernation”?

Rule # 1 – no hunger strikes and quick diets;

Rule # 2 – nutrition with respect to small portions – no more than 250 grams of reducing the volume of the stomach;

Rule # 3 – facilitate the diet, replacing meat with fish. Reduce the quantity of dairy products and coffee, drink more pure water. “We suggest once daily if no contraindications, to eat 1 grapefruit” — complements the recommendations of the dietician Julia Tyurina;

Rule # 4 – twice a week to arrange fasting days on vegetables, cereals, fruits (best eaten a little in the first half of the day), sauerkraut, nuts, vegetable oil;

Rule # 5 — delicious steamed or baked, also exclude heavy combination (for example, bread with butter or jam);

Rule # 6 – move more, walk or run in the fresh air. Add any fitness workout (outside, in the hall, at home);

Rule # 7 – be sure to get enough sleep, otherwise all our efforts to detox would go down the drain.

Cheer up your body not only changes in diet and adding activity — fill your life with positive emotions: smile, enjoy the upcoming spring and do everything with pleasure. In any case it is attitude, and if you decided to upgrade!

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