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Nutritionists have pointed out the benefits of protein diet

Диетологи указали на пользу белковой диетыThese diet provides rapid weight loss.

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be a diet with a high ratio of protein to carbohydrates, according to the results of the Danish study.

“Replacing carbohydrates with proteins in the diet promotes weight loss and improves glucose metabolism and seems to offer an improved dietary treatment of patients with PCOS,” said Dr. Lap-B. Sorensen (Lone B. Sorensen). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the online edition of “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” dated December 7, Dr. Sorensen (University of Copenhagen) and colleagues note that most dietary interventions for PCOS focused on limiting energy. Indeed, many women with this disease are obese.

Danish scientists, intending to find out whether useful replacement of carbohydrates with proteins, involved in the study, 57 women, and ordered them to adhere to standard or high-protein diet. None of the groups were not consuming the amount of calories.

High-protein diet provided more than 40 % of energy through protein, and 30% from fat and the remainder from carbohydrates. The standard diet provided less than 15% of energy from protein, 30% fats and 55% carbohydrates.

More than half of the women withdrew from the study during the six-month period. Seven women because of pregnancy; 23 for other reasons; the remaining 27 patients were evaluated.

High-protein diet led to significantly greater weight loss than the standard diet (7.7 kg vs 3.3 kg). Women adhere to the high-protein diet also lost more body fat (6.4 kg vs 2.1 kg), and waist circumference decreased them to a greater extent.

High-protein diet also led to greater reduction in glucose levels, even after taking into account, regardless of weight change.

Dr. Sorensen said, “This study shows that patients with PCOS there is no need to stick to a diet with restriction of quantity of energy because protein diet in itself leads to a direct reduction in energy consumption”.

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