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Nutritionists have named the ten main Superfoods

Диетологи назвали десять главных суперфудовIt turns out that there are products that are mega-healthy, and they were only ten.

As you know, the products grown in the beds, bushes and trees, considered the most vitaminiziruet and useful. But among them professional nutritionists are only ten, which has unique properties and is called superfudge. Such products, unlike the others, effectively saturate the body’s cells in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Their cost can be low or even too high, but nutritionists still recommend them to buy and eat, leaving the desire to save on their own health.

Top ten Superfoods that you can afford to eat every day:

1. Spinach. Spinach has long been considered the sources of power and energy, so that the greens must be included in the diet.

2. Nuts. All nuts are composed of fatty acids omega-3. Their main properties include: cleansing of vessels from cholesterol cells, brain food, protection from cancer, improved vision, and so on.

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3. Avocado. This product accommodates and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and monounsaturated. Actually, avocado is Superfoods with unique properties: lower cholesterol, support heart and blood vessels, speed up the metabolism.

4. Sprouts legumes and other plants. Nutritionists say that the seedlings from seeds of different plants can be called “alive”. In them is concentrated the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

5. Quinoa. For many Ukrainians, quinoa is a delicacy originally from the United States. Actually, it’s a grain from the amaranth family, so the doctors insist on its use. It contains vitamins a, b, C, E and others, but the main advantage of quinoa is that the product is a natural antioxidant and literally rejuvenates the human body from the inside.

6. Water. The most useful and almost free “super”, which is available to all. Water cleanses the body and enriches the blood with oxygen and is the necessary product.

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7. Beet. This vegetable has unique properties as raw and thermally treated. Beet doctors call a “broom” for the digestive system. Plus, thanks to the beets you can raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood, get rid of constipation and speed up metabolism.

8. Blueberries. No wonder the berry related to list Superfoods, because it improves and preserves eyesight, saturating the cells with vitamin A.

9. Len. Flax seeds are enriched with useful nutrients, so doctors suggest to eat them every day on an empty stomach, positively affect digestion.

10. Broccoli. This cabbage can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, clean the intestines of toxins and other food waste.

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