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Nutritionists have named the main rules of healthy eating after 30 years

Диетологи назвали главные правила здорового питания после 30 летExperts have told how you have to change diet with age.

1. Healthy eating rules with age does not have to radically change — priority is to observe a mode and the total volume of eaten calories, the ratio of nutrients. But it is important to pay attention to the natural changes in the body and maintain it. After 30 years a woman’s body passes beyond the peak of its biological activity and begins a slow metabolism. Therefore, the diet should be complete, but moderate.

2. Should abandon fatty foods, especially of animal origin (with the exception of fatty fish, nuts, avocado — they contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, so two or three times a week these products are permitted), simple carbohydrates (sugary drinks, sugar, candy) and, of course, foods with preservatives, flavor enhancers and flavorings.

3. Stay tuned for a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables — they must be in the diet every day.

4. Also on lean complete protein (preferably vegetable). Best suited fish and seafood, legumes, low-fat cottage cheese. And definitely cereal products, wholemeal bread, cereals garnish, macaroni and durum. Do not abuse the severe restrictions and excessive exceptions in the food.

5. Be sure to take preventive courses of vitamin-mineral complexes, paying attention to the b vitamins, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium. The youthfulness of the skin, its elasticity and tone depend primarily on the content sufficient amounts of water in the cells. And from collagen — a protein that acts as the skeleton for the skin.

6. It is necessary to observe the water balance and to drink enough fresh clean water at the rate of 30 ml per one kg of body weight. You need to drink evenly throughout the day, in two or three SIPS. And eat a variety of lean protein foods. Special collagen supplements useless and meaningless as an alien collagen pill in the intestines is processed, and protein from the meatballs that is broken down to amino acids, of which already built their own protein, including collagen. So no harm from them, but good too.

7. Additionally you need to increase the frequency of consumption of such products as fish, seafood, seaweed, lentils, beans, barley and couscous, all kinds of cabbage, nuts, dried fruit, apples, citrus.

8. The sharp slowdown in metabolism is due to the decrease in the activity of hormones. Therefore, very often without changing the volume of the diet, women begin to gain weight. Many resort to strict diets and restrictions in an attempt to control weight. But this leads to further slowing of metabolism. So revise your diet you need, but not downward, in the direction of balance. And the most effective regular physical activity. This is the only way to really boost your metabolism, and safe for health.


Fatty fish, avocados, nuts — two to three times a week. The high amount of fatty acids, which are responsible for the protective barrier of the skin and its hydration.

Drink tomato juice, eat pasta from durum wheat with tomato sauce almost every day. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which protects skin from UV rays and prevents cancer.

Green and yellow fresh vegetables — peppers, spinach, green beans, a pumpkin — they have a lot of antioxidants.


Simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweet drinks, candy). They affect collagen in the skin, excess may cause its sagging.

If you have age acne, refrain from dairy products and cheese. Scientists have proved their relationship.

Saturated fat (a day is enough 16 grams is approximately 7% of the diet of 2000 calories). Note that egg — 2 grams in a tablespoon — 7 g, and in a piece of lean meat about 5 g of fat.

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