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Nutritionists have called the worst Breakfast options

Диетологи назвали худшие варианты завтраковThe correct Breakfast starts the body processes, which helps to cope with sleepiness, hunger till dinner time and add energy.

But wrong choice of food can move us from the path of a healthy lifestyle. Fatty and sugary breakfasts, of course, help to deal with the onset of the morning and need to go to work, but no more benefit from them should not wait, say nutritionists.

“Quick” cereals

The so-called quick-cooking cereals only look as healthy food, but in reality is nothing more than fast carbs with high sugar content and low fiber content. This Breakfast will soothe your guilt, thinking I ate healthy product, but an hour later get hungry again and want to eat a doughnut or chocolate. If you decide to Breakfast cereals, choose those which contain at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. Increase this number alone, adding in your “quick” cereals berries, wheat germ, flax seeds or almonds. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Breakfast bars

Not a protein and fiber – the main component of the fitness bars that I like to sell sports centres in the form of quick, convenient and delicious breakfasts. In fact most of them are filled with sugar and additives to enhance the taste. Nutritionists do not impose a final ban on the bars, but I advise you to carefully read the composition. It is important that they were less than five grams of sugar and at least 5 grams of protein.

Low-fat yogurt

This time no one will criticize fat-free food, although, God knows, have something. With low-fat yogurt for Breakfast is not the problem. It’s just too small to support the body after a 10-hour overnight fast. Eating one serving of fat-free yogurt, you are already by mid-morning you are hungry. To avoid this, for Breakfast you need to eat 250 to 400 calories depending on your weight and activity. So better add to yogurt, oatmeal or a banana.


Nutritionists wonder how many people in the world who drink in the morning a glass of juice and call it Breakfast. The composition of this drink contains only carbohydrates and sugar. It concerns not only fruit juices but also green fresh drinks. You simply will not have enough protein to stay satisfied, and healthy fats to feel a rush of energy.


Another strange morning reinforcements, which many people somehow believe Breakfast. People add to your coffee sweet syrups, sugar and milk, which significantly added to the drink calories without any benefit to feelings of satiety and healthy start to the day. Coffee really can help to Wake up, giving a short burst of energy. But it will end before you get to work.


Sugar, refined carbohydrates, overheated oil – that’s what is your favorite Breakfast as a pair of donuts. Let them be an exception and fun of the day, but remove them from the morning menu every day. But if we are without this delicacy can not do, at least stabilize the blood sugar level, adding to the donut a little protein. It can be nuts or a hard-boiled egg.


Muffins can also encrypt a healthy food, especially if they have bran or if they look as if made from dark rye flour. In fact, such a cake is the same cake, that is, fatty, sweet and useless food. Plus they a lot more calories than you think – an average of 600 to 800, and that almost half of the daily value. Therefore, if in the morning you found in the fridge only a muffin for Breakfast, try to eat half and the other half compensate for the expense of Greek yogurt or eggs.

Bread with butter and cheese

Classic sandwich for Breakfast can help out in extraordinary situations, but do not make this dish the morning tradition and here’s why. Butter and cheese – the concentration of fat and calorie bomb, and loaf – quick carbohydrates. This is very bad for your figure. But there is a way for fans of sandwiches. A loaf of bread can be replaced by wholegrain bread, butter and avocado puree.


Processed meat like sausages or sausage is the most popular form of Breakfast, but the most harmful type of meat. Therefore, remove them from the morning menu and Express for exclusive occasions like picnics and hikes. Besides the fact that there are many unhealthy fats and additives, sausages and sausage and even increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease by 42%.

The lack of Breakfast

Well, back to the nutritionists of the fact that any Breakfast is better than its complete absence. If you miss morning meal that ideally should consist of milk, whole grains and fruits in the afternoon you will be hard to fight the temptation to break the diet in favour of sweets, croissants and burgers. Even if you are one of those who does not feel hunger in the morning, try to develop the habit of eating. After a few days you will notice that Breakfast has become a part of your life.

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