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Nutritionists have called the reasons to go on a healthy diet

Диетологи назвали причины перейти на здоровое питаниеSome people still believe that proper nutrition is not affordable for all.

Of course, if we’re talking about superfood – Chia seeds, Goji berries, quinoa, spinach, this type of food is not available to all.

Fitness trainer Marina Borzhemsky-Uzelkov claims that proper nutrition is not so expensive, not disgusting and cooking does not take much time. If you stick to the three rules, then proper nutrition you will like it.

Reason # 1: “Cool” is not a synonym for “expensive”

For proper nutrition enough of those products that You daily fill your fridge and use in cooking. But, in the right combination and the time of application. The only thing not worth saving – greens. You can buy any of them, but it should be plenty.

Reason # 2: cooking Method

It is clear that fried on refined sunflower oil the steak not benefit. And if you use red meat, it can increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Best of all the vegetables and meat to bake, boil. For example, a piece of meat can be baked, and mushrooms.

Reason # 3: Time to prepare

If to speak about the right recipes, they do not require long time for cooking. For example, steamed vegetables can be cooked in 15-20 minutes. Moreover, you do not need to fry until crispy crusts, which are very harmful.

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