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Nutritionists have called the main danger in juice diets

Диетологи назвали главную опасность соковых диет Quick weight loss harm to the health.

A growing number of celebrities popularitywith juice diets, however, experts in the field of healthy nutrition strongly advise you to follow the star examples. They explained in detail how dangerous these techniques of weight loss for the human body.

Some stars like Gwyneth Paltrow claim that juices cleanse the body, ridding it of toxins, help to lose weight and restore the necessary balance of vitamins. Because of this massive stellar support juice diets have become extremely popular. An increasing number of people use a liquid mixture of fruits and vegetables with the aim of promoting health, achieving a beautiful skin, weight loss, and even mood enhancement. But do juice diets so effective? Experts in the field of healthy nutrition of the UK refute it.

They stress that fans of this type of diet in order to cleanse the body drink only juices based on fruit and vegetables, refraining from other foods. This kind of diet can last from several days to several weeks, and few of them permit the consumption of solid food. Theoretically, the juices are easy way the absorption of certain nutritional products. Many methods of detox involve the restriction of calories and amount of unhealthy food. In many cases, fans of the juice diet mixed fruit and vegetables in a blender to drink them as juice, or buy ready-made juice drinks.

First and foremost, you need to remember that this kind of food contains very high levels of sugar. Spikes in blood sugar leads to the production of insulin, which helps cells use sugar for energy. This leads to increased energy levels and immediate decline, causing the person feels fatigue and reaching for sweet foods. In addition, juice diets there is a shortage of protein, which is essential for building healthy immune cells. This food contains almost no fiber required for the removal of waste product from the body like hormones.

Common side effects juice diets are abdominal pain, mood swings, headaches, changes in bowel and much more. There are many reasons to abandon detoxification through juices, so do not pay attention to the advice of celebrities, and listen to the opinions of these experts.

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