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Nutritionists have called the easiest way for weight loss

Диетологи назвали самый простой способ для похуденияThis product helps to lose weight, but it was forgotten.

Experts suggest to drink more water.

Ordinary water has many unique health properties, so doctors recommend drinking it in sufficient quantity at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. All athletes drink plenty of purified water without gas and their physique are proof that the water has beneficial effects on the body.

Another advantage of water – it has no calories and no matter how many people didn’t drink, he doesn’t recover from it. It should be noted that our body consists mostly of water, this means that to sustain life we need just water.

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We must not forget that water cleans the digestive system and the whole body. Of course, on fat cells plain water has no burning properties like lemon juice, but with toxins and food to be “junk” it was good enough.

If you want to lose weight – drink water

Nutritionists say that 1.5-2.5 l of water a day will help a person with excess body weight to move your body and feel lighter within a day. Moreover, enough water significantly reduces appetite and this will allow dieters to get rid of the constant feeling of hunger, which will ultimately affect his weight.

After a week of drinking plain water a person can see a minus of 2-3 kg on their scales. At the same time, he will not have to starve yourself or exhaust your body in the gym. You just need to drink a glass of purified water 7-8 times a day, but if body weight is too high, the amount of water should be more.

Advice from a professional nutritionist

To lose weight, you should drink hot water (not boiling water) 1 glass per hour in small SIPS. This will allow you not to torture yourself with thoughts about food and your body will efficiently burn previously stored fat and do not stock up on the new fat consumed as hot water for our brain acts as a food. So you have to deceive ourselves, but to benefit himself.

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