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Nutritionists have called the best way to deal with hunger in the evening

Диетологи назвали лучший способ справиться с чувством голода вечеромThe experts know exactly how to stop to experience bouts of brutal appetite in the evening and night.

The vast majority of adults begin the evening experience the creepy feeling of hunger, literally attack the food and therefore fail to lose weight or gain unwanted weight. Especially suffer from night overeating those who during the day is not able to fully eat. In this respect the nutritionists have some advice that will help everybody to cope with a habit to eat at night and open the fridge more than a day:

1. Make a meal plan and stick to it throughout the day. You can’t be hungry all day. It hurts not only your health, but health in General. Stomach starts to eat itself, resulting in can develop such diseases as gastritis. For a whole day at least five times to sit at the table to eat. Pre-cooked foods which you will take with you to work, will quickly satisfy your hunger, saturate the gastrointestinal tract and will help you cope with evening hunger.

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2. Dinner should be nutritious and low-calorie at the same time. Evening all metabolic processes in the body slows down, so overeating is very dangerous for those who want to stay slim and beautiful. But at the same time the food should fill the stomach so that the person right up to the morning has not wanted to eat. Nutritionists suggest doing dinner protein, that is to eat lean fish, meat, poultry, cheese, drinking yogurt and so on. The products did not seem too fresh, cook as a side dish steamed vegetables or fruit.

3. Before bed go for a walk. Many will say that this is a bad idea, because the whole day people worked at work, then went home from work, making dinner and doing household chores, and now experts suggest to him to go out into the street, where the weather is, to put it mildly, not very. In fact, an evening walk will positively affect your figure and even sleep. People who walk before bedtime, sleep better. And yet they manage to burn a number of calories that “ate” for dinner.

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If you every evening, returning home from work, begin to fight with brutal appetite, you can try one of the above methods of satisfying one’s appetite and it will help you. More effective these techniques will work together, try it and see for yourself.

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