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Nutritionists have called the best drink to cleanse the body

Диетологи назвали лучший напиток для очищения организмаWhat happens to the body, if every day to drink water with honey.

We hear no end from everywhere that you need to drink more and more water.

Water supports every function in our body, from transporting nutrients and oxygen and ending with the digestion of food. Therefore we know that the water we need.But the water you can make it even more useful. Enough in it, add honey. I will say that honey is sweet, contains a lot of carbohydrates and should be avoided? Honey sweet, Yes, but to avoid it is not necessary, even impossible, because it is incredibly useful for our body. Drinking daily a glass of warm water with honey, you can improve your health and protect yourself from disease. This is what happens when you drink water with honey every day.Let’s take a closer look at what happens if to include in the diet regular drinking of honey.

1. Decreases bloating

Of course, that doesn’t sound pleasant, but for some, this question may be very serious. So if you have this problem constantly drink a glass of honey water — honey neutralizes gas, and you will quickly feel at ease as if got rid of 2-3 kilos in the blink of an eye.

2. Strengthens the immune system

Honey provides an impressive beneficial effect on the immune system. To derive maximum benefit, try to buy natural organic honey, it is best fights bacteria. This honey is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, which will protect you from the hateful germs.

3. Toxins

Honey and water is the best combination for flushing out waste from the body. Say goodbye to toxins and Hello to cleansing. A small hint: if you add the lemon, then the effect will be quite better. This combination will have a great diuretic effect, the swelling will decrease. So, to the word.

4. The skin becomes brighter and cleaner

Yes, honey is a natural antioxidant that helps flush out toxins, and due to antibacterial properties, honey helps to maintain the skin clean and bright.

5. Reduced weight

You say, “But what about the sugar?” Yes, honey contains sugar, but this sugar is very different from the usual white that we are accustomed to put in tea. Natural sugars contained in honey, will help to reduce cravings for sweets — cakes, candies, chocolate and sodas. If you replace sugary drinks with water and honey, it can reduce the calories consumed are already up to 64%!

6. Heal a sore throat

Med — great winter vehicle, and with good reason. Honey soothes sore throats and warms you up in cold days. Honey — natural remedy for respiratory infections and coughs, so don’t forget about it, if you catch a cold or too cold. Of course, we are talking only about natural product.

7. Adjusts the level of sugar in the blood

As we have said, although honey contains sugar, but it is not the same as regular white sugar. The combination of fructose and glucose helps to regulate blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol. Good, right?

8. Prevention of heart disease

A wonderful bonus! Flavonoids and antioxidants in honey help prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that honey “tames” the oxidation of bad cholesterol in the human body, such as cholesterol causing a lot of harm to the heart and can lead to heart attacks.

Do not wait, run to the kitchen, put the kettle on and don’t forget to put a spoonful of honey in a glass. Be healthy!

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