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Nutritionists have called the berries, slows the aging process

Диетологи назвали ягоды, замедляющие старение организмаIn addition, these berries will help lose weight.

Who would have thought, but to save the young do not need expensive injections. Sometimes it is enough to balance the power and to enter into the diet familiar to you berries.

Raspberry, currant, cherry, blackberries and blueberries not only fill with moisture and will make your skin supple, radiant and extremely slow down the aging process.

Interesting: the darker the berry, the more antioxidants and the healthier it is for the body.

To stay long young and beautiful, turn to your diet the following berries.

Calorie raspberry only 52 calories. It is considered to be a unique berry that contains the ketone – water-soluble substances, due to which there is an intensive weight loss.

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In addition, raspberries contain high amount of fiber and folic acid, which is responsible for beautiful and healthy looking skin.

Currant contains a lot of antioxidants, deducing from an organism of free radicals. In addition, the antioxidants make the body produce collagen, responsible for skin elasticity.

Therefore, currant useful for the female body in any season.

Cherry – the perfect berry for diet weight loss calories with only 53 calories and plenty of vitamin complex in composition.

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Biotin and folic acid in the composition of the berries promotes fat reduction and prevents the formation of fatty deposits on the internal organs.

BlackBerry – berry with the lowest calorie (36 calories). It promotes the excretion of toxins.

And contained in blackberries iron, copper and manganese, give a quick recovery from overloads. So BlackBerry welcome drinks in sports nutrition.

Blueberries help not only to restore vision but also promote the production of collagen.

Regular consumption of blueberries prevents the formation of wrinkles, improves the complexion and removes age spots.

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