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Nutritionists have called products that promote fast weight loss

Диетологи назвали продукты, способствующие быстрому похудениюProducts with calcium help you lose weight.

If the daily diet provides you with calcium, it is likely that you will lose weight without additional tweaks, said scientists.

Conducted in the U.S. the study showed that calcium is very effective in weight loss.

The authors are the specialists of the University of California. In their opinion, products with calcium help weight loss due to the activation of calcitriol, – this substance causes the body to use for energy fat cells.

“1500-2500 mg of calcium per day will make your weight less, and the mood got better”, noted scientific experts.

Great food sources of calcium include cheeses (especially Parmesan), milk, sesame seeds, sardines, garlic, almonds, parsley. Scientists emphasize: getting rid of excess weight reduces the risk of osteoporosis – a disease that destroys bone tissue.

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