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Nutritionists have called products that permanently eliminates hunger

Диетологи назвали продукты, надолго избавляющие от голодаAccording to them, to effectively block the appetite able nuts and mushrooms.

Nutritionists have called the product that most effectively eliminates the feeling of hunger. Employees of the University of Minnesota conducted an experiment in which volunteers were offered a range of breakfasts and Lunches. After consumption of the products of the participants interviewed, how satisfying was the meal, and how to quickly get back to hunger.

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The study authors noted that nuts helped not to return to the question of food over a long period of time, while carbohydrate food and fat-rich foods provoke overeating. First, however, scholars interested in the question of how affect hunger meat and mushrooms. It turned out that mushrooms are more effective and longer dulled his than meat products.

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The volunteers in the morning diet which included meat, for lunch in the end ate 100 more calories than those who ate mushroom dishes.

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