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Nutritionists have called products that cause a gargantuan appetite

Диетологи назвали продукты, вызывающие "зверский" аппетитThese diet products can cause strong feeling of hunger.

The transition to proper nutrition does not seem to us less scary when we remember the abundance of delicious foods, about the exclusive benefits which are literally screaming at each corner.

Unfortunately, all is not so simple: alas, but the bothered us in childhood truism that not everything tasty is necessarily useful, in the case of so-called dietary products, how ever, requires mention.

Nutritionists have compiled for you a list of products that manage to mislead many people losing weight and trying to eat right people for a very long time.


We in any case do not urge you to refuse this natural and really healthy drink. Indeed, one of the easiest ways to quickly get enough, while having the charge of sun vitamins and minerals is to eat delicious smoothies. But if you really follow the figure, pay attention to its components.

If you prepare a cocktail for yourself, keep in mind that there are often added not diet and rather high-calorie foods, such as nuts, milk or even ice cream. In addition, the fruit contained in almost all smoothies contain a lot of sugar that our body does not perceive even for a full meal due to its liquid state.

Lovers of this drink, counting calories and sticking to a proper diet should remember about healthy moderation or opt for low-calorie smoothies, often consisting simply of fruit, or better yet, vegetables.


Sweet cereal with milk or yogurt for Breakfast diet supposedly turns the meal into a real calorie bomb, while not giving the full feeling of satiety. Due to the complete lack of water in the composition of the flakes we often are not able to stay, adding a new portion, and, as a consequence, overeat.

Cereal-known brands often contain far the most useful ingredients, of which the safe – sugar, however, in large quantities. Try replacing the cereal porridges on water with addition of fruit – and it’s quickly filled with a hot meal and get much greater benefits.


The most famous instigators of appetite sauces transform any dish into something special. Unfortunately, it often required a heavy stomach and extra pounds. thanks to its tastes and flavors (especially spicy), sauces make us eat more.

Maximum limit on your hobby such sauces, as purchased mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup: a lot of excess calories, you can make heartburn or even stomach problems.

Try to prepare homemade sauces – they will be much tastier and of course healthier.

Whole wheat bread

Naively believing that whole wheat bread is healthier and safer for the figure, than its white wheat counterparts, and it is possible in almost unlimited quantities, we are dangerously mistaken.

Actually whole wheat bread is exactly the same increases in blood sugar levels like regular white bread. Blood is the so-called sugar spike sharply higher, he also drops sharply, causing us to suffer a burning feeling of hunger. Treat diet bread is exactly the same as any other, and try not to abuse them.

Granola bars and protein bars

This seems to be the most dangerous snack for anyone trying to eat right. Even the healthiest bars will contain some amount of sugar, and some manufacturers manage to add to your “diet” products ingredients such as chocolate or caramel.

High calorie and huge sugar content definitely crosses out the cereal bars from a list of these dietary products. They should not get involved even those who just love to eat sweet: these snacks fill us up with energy for a very short period of time, doomed to hungry new wave.

Athletes also need to carefully choose a protein bars: the fact that most of them consist of rich carbohydrate base and an unknown origin of fat, a main muscle Builder, protein in them quite a bit.


Yogurt, in the same way as a smoothie, the body does not perceive as a complete food due to a liquid consistency. Not surprisingly, eating so we after a while again become hungry. And buying sweet yogurt, we again provoke dangerous for the body a spike in blood sugar.

Look for natural yogurts without artificial food additives and harmful sweeteners and learn to cook really healthy homemade yogurt, which will establish bowel and will contribute to good metabolism.

Fruits and dried fruits

Fruits are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals and that is why we often opt for a snack that rich in this use the product. Often we forget that many fruits, especially bananas and grapes contain a lot of sugar, in large doses causing our body exactly the same damage as any other sweets.

In addition, fruits are digested so quickly that we don’t have time to test full saturation and quickly become hungry again. Not too many sweet fruits and snacks consisting of dried fruits (especially in combination with nuts): stop 2-3 favorite fruits the day after the main meal.

All products marked “diet”

Products that often bribe us screaming saying “0% fat”, “0 calories” or “diet product” – the most dangerous enemies of beautiful shapes. A low-fat dairy products (e.g., diet milk) can increase appetite and do not bring absolutely no benefit to the body. Fake sugar (sorbitol, xylitol) and even fructose, replacing “useful” products, regular sugar, not only has the same energy value, but also contains a lot of chemical components that negatively affect our overall health.

The most dangerous “diet” products – those where as a replacement for the present oil adds TRANS fats that increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and deposited in our body as extra pounds. We advise you to carefully read the labels and do not be lazy to examine the composition of the products you choose. Give preference to natural products with no additives and various artificial substitutes: even though it will not stand the magic words “diet product” – such food will bring real benefits to your body and will help to build a beautiful body.

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