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Nutritionists have called products that cannot have for Breakfast

Диетологи назвали продукты, которые нельзя есть на завтракCakes, croissants and sweet rolls – not the best Breakfast option

As you know, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it starts the metabolism and saturates the body’s energy field, surroundings, helping him to Wake up faster and gain strength before a productive day.

While very important what foods you choose for Breakfast.

Of course, to start the morning is not worth it with chips, crackers and other surrogate products filled with sweeteners, flavor enhancers, a variety of E-additives, and other preservatives. This also applies to various meats, semi-finished and canned, including sausage, sausages, dumplings. Try to avoid spicy seasonings of the type of mustard or pepper during the day, they are well dispersed blood, invigorate, accelerate the metabolism, but falling on an empty mucous membrane, can cause inflammation. So the morning meal should be as simple and gentle, but at the same time nutritious and healthy, experts say.

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Cakes, croissants and sweet rolls – also not an option for the first meal.

“It would seem, croissants with jam the morning with gusto, a sort of Breakfast in French, but sweets on an empty stomach (which is nothing like a quick sugar high glycemic index and glycemic load) force the pancreas to overwork, throwing a large amount of insulin,” says nutritionist Lyudmila Babich.

“The more insulin is in your blood, the more excess will soon appear on the sides. And sugar spikes lead to the same drastic reduction of its content. That is, you’ll get hungry in an hour after such a meal. By the way, the pastries (especially hot!) contributes to enhanced gas production in the intestine, and therefore the rumbling in the stomach are guaranteed. But I don’t mind a tasty croissant! Only eat it after the oatmeal or eggs,” advises the specialist.

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One should not eat an Apple. Of course, they are insanely useful, but an empty stomach fruit acids irritate the stomach. Coarse fiber of the peel of some fruit (pear or persimmon) irritating to skin, may cause flatulence, rumbling in the stomach, pain, cramping and bloating. Therefore, experts recommend eating fruits combined with oatmeal or low-fat cottage cheese – this delicious, and healthy and safe.

“Unacceptable to Breakfast on an empty stomach and such a useful product, such as bran. Despite the fact that they helps to reduce the feeling of hunger, bran, like a sponge, pulling water. And if you drink enough, it can cause constipation, hyperacidity of the stomach and irritation, and this subsequently leads to the irritable bowel syndrome” – sums up the doctor.

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