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Nutritionists have called products that can significantly accelerate the weight loss

Диетологи назвали продукты, существенно ускоряющие похудениеDefined set of products with which it is possible to lose weight.

Scientists urged those seeking to lose weight, not count calories, but instead to pay attention to the composition of the products.

Foods low in energy but rich in nutrients, help to gain slim figure effectively, according to nutritionists.

Dr. Nicola Buckland from the University of Leeds spoke about the fact that losing weight people the biggest problem is the strong sense of hunger in between meals, pushing their undesirable snacking and leading to preuvelicheniya the absorption of calories. To cope with this well help certain foods.

“We found that people with the “right” set of products was likely to experience during the day, less hunger, although in General they consumed fewer calories compared to people who did not eat these products. The food, in question, contains a lot of water, protein and fibre,” said Dr Buckland.

In particular, products that help not to overeat and to reduce the amount of daily consumed calories how figured out the experts are fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, eggs and legumes. The study showed that overweight people who consumed such low energy food for 14 weeks lost an average of 5-6 pounds. These emaciated reported that they felt less hungry and did not experience strong cravings for unhealthy food that was familiar to them before.

At the same time, the group who ate familiar food, but with the same calorie level day – 1400 calories – lost for 14 weeks of the experiment only 3 pounds.

Scientists ascertain: products with an equal amount of calories but with different nutrient composition of the ultimately different impact on the figure, as the components will cause the body different from each other reaction involving including the metabolism of fat cells. 250 grams carrots 20 grams of chocolate are equivalent in calories, but the benefits for weight loss more of the carrot, said the experts.

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