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Nutritionists have called products that are “burning” those extra pounds

Диетологи назвали продукты, "сжигающие" лишние килограммыNamed a products affect weight loss.

Called fat burning foods which help to prevent the person from excess weight.

However, with this diet it is necessary to perform special exercises.

Experts told how to eat right. They call the first product that should be taken for weight loss, green tea. This drink contains catechins which quicken the metabolism and speed fat burning in the liver. The second product that affect a person’s weight is salmon. It contains omega-3. You also need struggling with obesity to add to your diet apples and pears. They contain flavonoids that affect fat burning.

Also in the fight against excess weight will help flax seeds. They contain lignans, which reduce the body mass index and help in the fight against obesity. When used in a human cherry at the expense of the hormone melatonin will improve sleep. To maintain a normal weight person needs to sleep well.

In your diet, experts advise to introduce brown rice, onions and garlic, having in its composition, allicin, to control the accumulation of fat in the human body, turmeric, seaweed and hot peppers.

However, simply proper nutrition may not produce the visible effect of weight loss. In parallel, you need to exercise and move more.

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