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Nutritionists have called previously unknown beneficial properties of cheese

Диетологи назвали неизвестные ранее полезные свойства сыраNamed a little-known useful properties of cheese

Nutritionists recommend regularly eat a few slices of hard cheese – it helps to strengthen the immune system and allows the body to obtain the whole complex of useful substances, vitamins and minerals. Hard cheeses are rich in b vitamins and amino acids that promotes healing and faster recovery from illnesses, experts say.

In the autumn, when it is especially important to strengthen the immune system, cheese should eat regularly – the experts have published the magazine “the Telegraph”. In hard cheese, according to them, there are natural probiotics – substances that interact with immune cells and protect them from damage. The consequence of this increased activity of the immune system becomes stronger to protect the body from diseases, including Oncology.

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“People who regularly consume hard cheeses of high quality, face less cancer. This product is enriched with fatty acids that prevent the occurrence of cancer cells in the body and blocks their growth,” – said the researchers.

Not everyone knows that eating cheese is related to the effect of rejuvenation. The scientists said that in hard cheese contains one of the main “vitamins of youth” – vitamin A. Its positive effect is to improve skin condition and health of the organs of vision. The cheese is a product that should be in the diet every woman who wants to look young regardless of how old she is, said scientists.

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Cheese is a fatty food, but doctors have concluded: with moderate use, this product just speeds up metabolism and is not dangerous for the figure. This property of cheese is due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria, have a positive influence on the microflora of the digestive tract.

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