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Nutritionists have called “Golden” rules of healthy eating

 Диетологи назвали «золотые» правила здорового питанияIf you seek to limit the snacking and not eating “bad”, that doesn’t make your diet healthy.

To choose a healthy diet, you need to consult a nutritionist. But there are a few rules that will help to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Eat nuts, fish, and don’t forget about vegetable oil

If you’re not handy with nuts, avocados, and do not recognize olive and other vegetable oils, you are missing the “right” fats.

These foods are rich in mono – and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3.

Fats make up 60% of brain tissue is very important to him. The fat cells stay movable and flexible, the body by burning fat gets the energy. Nutritionists say: one should increase the intake of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. They are contained in foods such as fish cold seas (salmon), Flaxseed oil, and walnuts.

Replace Breakfast cereals with cereal or cottage cheese

If you eat Breakfast in the morning will likely not read the labeling and do not know how much hidden sugar and fat they contain. Scientists of the British Association of consumers, comparing the content of 100 popular brands of cereal found that most of them contained excessive amounts of sugar and salt, and some a lot of saturated fat.

In industrial processed cereal is very low in fiber, salt and sugar a lot. Better to eat a simple Breakfast of wheat or oatmeal, also useful cheese. Do not be lazy and cook the porridge by adding pieces of fresh fruit. Cereals with minimal industrial processing are rich in fiber, enrich the body’s “slow” carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral elements.

Drink water, not just coffee or tea

If you only drink tea and coffee, you may be dehydrated. Experts recommend to drink water, not beverages to quench your thirst and restore water balance. After a Cup of tea, which contains caffeine, nutritionists advise to drink another glass of water.

The caffeine in coffee leaches calcium from the body and prevents its absorption. Half a liter of water improve metabolism by 30%, beneficial effects on the digestion and all organs. Lot of water good for the skin.

Eat often in small portions

If you feed twice a day, then most likely eating large portions and you increase the risk of obesity. Food once a day and in large quantities is the food of sumo wrestlers. To maintain a healthy weight, it is better to eat small portions and more often, up to five times a day.

Long breaks between meals lead to metabolic disorders, and hence, excess weight, skin problems, drowsiness and so on. Enough to eat a hearty Breakfast or lunch, and in between to eat an Apple, an orange, some nuts, a Cup of tea. All this is also a full meal.

Make diet vegetables and fruits

If you choose products only in packages, chances are you consume too much processed and not enough whole foods, and then eat a few vegetables and fruits.

These products should be in your diet to five servings per day, to be varied in color and preparation method.

The main problem with processed foods — the destruction of nutrients in processed products. In the first instance to the harmful foods are: sausages, fast food and frozen entrees, canned soups, bouillon cubes. To preserve health we need to minimize the consumption of processed food, but it is better to eat fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat, fish.

Limit the amount of saturated fat

If every day you eat three of butter, most likely, in your diet too much saturated fat. The world health organization recommends a limit of 10 grams per day, subject to all other products, where they contain meat and fatty dairy products, eggs, chocolate.

Limit — does not mean eliminating it altogether. Saturated fats are a source of energy, building material for cells, it is important not to abuse them and to include in your diet more fruits, vegetables, whole grain products.

In the diet include dairy products average fat

If you love fat dairy products and eat them more than three times a day, likely to get problems with the cardiovascular system increases. Go for products with low fat content, thus reducing the amount of saturated and TRANS fats in the diet. Although now is actively conducted scientific debate about the role of saturated fat and fatty dairy products in particular, while there is no unequivocal evidence that the longstanding recommendations to reduce saturated fat was wrong, you should follow these recommendations.

Carefully study the composition of the products

Industrial products versatile: they can be a lot of fat, salt and sugar, what you may not even suspect because of the very limited system of marking. Read the ingredients: there are specified components by decreasing their quantity in the product.

For example, if the composition of chocolate is sugar, not cacao beans, it is best to look for another one. Respectively, in meat products in the first place in the composition can be only meat, bread, flour, dairy products — milk. Especially carefully study the composition of the “healthy” foods: granola, cereal bars, instant porridge products for children. The fact is that manufacturers often add extra sugar. Always pay attention not only on the product but also on the weight and number of servings in it.

Simmer or cook for a couple and not fry

Fried foods lose their useful properties and microelements. In addition, fried, as a rule, bold as it prepares with lots of butter. Food, experts say, it is better to use boiled, stewed or baked.

All trace elements are in the products, and vitamins is only reduced by 10-30%. Meanwhile fried food contains almost no nutrients, but can contain harmful TRANS fats from processing at high temperature — this especially applies to deep-frying. If you cannot opt out of frying, choose a oil with a high burning temperature: refined sunflower and olive.

Cook at home

If you cook, then your food is healthier than if you eat in cafes, canteens or semi-finished products. At home you can control how much sugar and salt you add, fry on the right fats and avoid preservatives. But do not forget that the food of semi-finished and finished food, even cooked at home, is actually the same fast food. Those who do not like to stand at the stove, nutritionists advise to cook simple and quick dishes: light salads with fresh vegetables, eggs, porridge, fish. Moderation to follow the rules of healthy eating consciously.

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