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Nutritionists have called five good reasons to love zucchini

Диетологи назвали пять веских причин полюбить кабачкиTheir benefits are undeniable.

Such an affordable vegetable, like zucchini, is very useful and necessary for the heart, brain, muscles and liver.

As you know, zucchini are one of the cheapest products in Ukraine.

Useful properties of zucchini

According to dietician Svetlana FUS, the flesh of the squash is easily digested, does not cause irritation of the stomach and intestines.

In addition, a modest vegetable contains vitamin C, involved in collagen, which adds elasticity to the skin.

Beta-carotene, which is in the pub, good for skin, hair and good for the eyes. In it you will find all the important minerals for the body: potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, the heart, brain, muscles and liver.

And their dietary fiber well adsorb toxic substances, excess cholesterol and water, remove them from the body. Also dishes of zucchini stimulate digestive processes, improve motor and secretory functions of the stomach and intestines.

This vegetable prevents fluid retention in the body and its caloric value close to zero.

Harmful properties of zucchini

Harm to the body of such vegetables like zucchini very small. The main hazardous property of that zucchini contains a large feature of potassium, so because of this it should not be used for people suffering from kidney disease.

But raw zucchini is contraindicated in peptic ulcer and gastritis.

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