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Nutritionists explained why in the winter people are more likely to recover

Диетологи объяснили, почему зимой люди чаще поправляютсяIn the winter our metabolism “slows down”.

Nutritionists suggest “shake” your metabolism to quickly return to a form is spoiled during the Christmas vacation figure. This, in their opinion, should get rid of a few habits.

One of the habits that hinder the rate of metabolism in the body, according to experts, is a manner constantly nervous. Doctors remind: under stress the body goes into saving mode, conserving energy and storing fat, this physiological principle was fixed in the course of evolution.

According to them, it is necessary not to allow the stress hormone levels in the blood increased. You must wean yourself from the habit to worry about little things. Physicians are advised to master the correct breathing technique available to almost everyone.

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“When you feel that it’s going to blow, put things aside and take a deep and slow breath through the nose, so that the chest gradually extended. Then, when the chest fills with air, slowly exhale through the mouth” – says the experts as one of the methods of sedation.

Others are extremely harmful for the metabolism factor that convinced nutritionists, is irregular meals when skipping meals alternated with overeating.

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To activate metabolism they recommend eating little and often: eat Breakfast within 90 minutes of waking and then eat so that the intervals between meals should not exceed four hours.

The habit of eating too little vegetables are also included in the list of the most harmful. Nutritionists reminded that for the process of metabolism the body needs to vitamins, especially magnesium and b vitamins, which play a key role in metabolism. The best source of these nutrients are vegetables, which, among other things, contain as much fiber as any other products.

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