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Nutritionists explained why honey is healthier than sugar

Диетологи объяснили, почему мед полезнее сахараPhysicians are advised to exclude sugar from the diet.

To abandon the excessive consumption of sugar and synthetic products in which it is contained, doctors recommend not only to people with obesity and diabetes, but also to all who have no health problems.

As we know, sweet tooth is mostly fat people who literally depend on sugar. In addition to overweight these people have a many concomitant diseases, the cause is poor diet, which is dominated by carbohydrates and sweets.

To avoid weight gain and development of diabetes as well as hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, doctors recommend to switch to honey instead of sugar.

Eight reasons should compel you to eat honey instead of sugar:

1. The content of iron. For prevention of iron deficiency anemia doctors suggest regularly use buckwheat honey because it contains a lot of iron.

2. A strong immune system. It is proved that honey has antiviral properties and is able to strengthen immune cells and promote the formation of new.

3. Exchange of substances. Nutritionists say that with the help of honey can get rid of problems like constipation and flatulence. Honey enhances peristalsis and accelerates metabolism.

4. Caring for bones and teeth. Few people know that honey contains valuable calcium, which improves the condition of bones and teeth, preventing their destruction.

5. Does not harm diabetic patients. Honey is rich in natural fructose, which is allowed to use in patients with diabetes, and unlike sugar and sugar substitutes.

6. Improves reproductive function in men. Honey is an aphrodisiac that increase the productivity of the sperm.

7. Helps to heal colds. As mentioned above, honey has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

8. Relieves inflammation. With the help of the honey takes away any inflammation inside the body and outside.

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