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Nutritionists explained what kind of rice is healthier

 Диетологи объяснили, какой вид риса полезнееNutritionists told the whole truth about rice.

Rice, like chocolate. The darker the better. So think about the supporters of proper nutrition and try to stay away from white. Sometimes this phobia takes the form of a “no-no, white rice is dangerous, I’ll be fine!”. It’s so far from reality that it is time to clarify.

Just say the main thing: no, white rice is not more dangerous than brown. Yes, you can eat it. And most importantly – for some settings (by the way, the most important) it is much healthier and safer than brown. The General rule of healthy eating says: unprocessed foods are best treated. It seems that rice is one of the exceptions, which should be available to all decent rules. Let’s take a closer look at three main benefits attributed to brown rice. Maybe they are not advantages at all?

1. Brown rice is less carbs

One of the main arguments of the adherents of a healthy lifestyle and those who are watching weight. Yes, the carb is a critical feature that largely decisive whether to put a product to the cart in the supermarket, and then to the plate. But this should be treated rationally. Per 100 g of dry white rice 71-79 g of carbohydrates, and in the same amount of brown they 65-77. The difference is, but it is so insignificant that it is not able to break the diet if you are at the last stage of “drying” before bodybuilding competitions. I doubt whether this figure is the most dangerous product in your menu.

And note that the quantity is indicated per 100 g dry rice. If you cook it, you get a decent saucepan. Therefore, in terms of portion or daily rate difference will be even less insignificant. Safely eat white rice, from the point of view of the content of carbohydrates it’s definitely not more dangerous than brown.

2. Brown rice contains more fiber

Yes, it’s true. The color of brown rice is due to the fact that he, unlike white, does not pass polishing. In the dark grain is the whole fiber, and is valuable for health. But only if you are not getting enough from other foods. Fiber is beneficial to the health of the gastrointestinal tract, it perfectly nourishes, but excessive consumption can deliver a lot of discomfort from the digestive system. Bloating, flatulence – all side effects of “overdose” of fiber.

In addition, polishing does white rice is safer. The fact is that processing grain not only deprived “of the skin” fiber, and germ. The value of the latter in the high content of fatty acids. However, under certain conditions, the embryo can be damaged, the fatty acids will be oxidized (pardon the tautology), and the grain will be potentially hazardous to health. The body needs fats in an accessible form are contained in many other products. The point of trying to get them from brown rice, subjecting the body to unnecessary risk?

3. Brown rice has more nutrients

As mentioned above, due to the fact that brown grain is grinding, it still has more nutrients. It is not only fiber and fatty acids, but also minerals, vitamins and trace elements. But the usefulness of the product is determined not only and not so much its chemical composition. It is important that this body can absorb. It is very well seen on the example of vegetable protein. In legumes and other green products can be a lot of protein. But its digestibility is not very high, the desired substance is not easy to extract from cells because of their strong shells.

It is the same with Fig. Due to the fact that brown bean remains “peel”, they are more difficult to digest than white. And a huge part of this beautiful and necessary chemicals remains in the grain and excreted together with the decomposition products. The potential benefit is, and there is almost no practical.

And in the shell of brown rice is phytic acid. This substance relate to the number of so-called antinutrients, that is, anti-nutritional compounds. In itself it is not dangerous. But interferes with the absorption of other nutrients, such as iron and calcium. So part of the nutrients that the body is still able to take out of the beans to use will not work.

Phytic acid in brown rice prevents the absorption of other nutrients

All of the above, of course, does not mean that the phobia of white rice you need to change to a phobia of brown. In the end, this product is not more dangerous than many other fall into our menu. And then he has a special taste that can like. If you have brown rice occasionally, nothing terrible will happen – the pleasure of eating, as in every other, is also useful for health, physical and mental. But distortions in this way will not do you or your menu healthier. Our advice is to keep a balance in everything, including when you sit on the rice diet.

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