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Nutritionists explained what foods not to eat losing weight

Диетологи объяснили, какие продукты нельзя есть худеющим3 products that slow down metabolism.

With age, metabolism usually slows down, so to lose weight becomes more difficult.

And if you still use slows the metabolism of foods, if not almost impossible.

Some of them affect the endocrine system and hormones, and, ultimately, make the calories accumulate. However, we can be assured that these products are harmless.

Not to negate all efforts at weight loss, should be excluded from the diet of the following three products.


The most obvious and at the same time the most complex product – because there’s sugar in most dishes, and the few who do not like sweets. However, he is the biggest culprit of a slow metabolism. The rise in blood sugar leads to high levels of cortisol and insulin – the main hormone responsible for metabolic disorders in the long term.

As says the American nutritionist and PhD Amanda Laidman, the problem with desserts is that they are completely absent dietary fiber, which means they are digested very slowly and difficult.

Processed cereals

Many people are not even aware of such properties. This primarily white rice, white bread and pasta on the packaging which should not be labeled “durum”. They affect the body the same as sugar – the body charged fast carbohydrates, causing insulin quickly jumps.

Moreover, the gluten, starch, and an excess of phytic acid can so severely damage the metabolic process that to return it to a healthy rhythm will be extremely difficult. Besides, in most of these products contain a lot of sugar, salt and synthetic preservatives. Therefore it is necessary to leave in the diet only products made from rigid and raw varieties, so-called slow carbohydrates.


Note that scientists are still arguing regarding this product, but according to some studies, excessive consumption of soy may affect the thyroid gland. She premises the regulation of metabolism.

In addition, soy has a bad property to accumulate the maximum amount of pesticides in the growth process. So if you decided to eat this product, make sure it is of organic origin.

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