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Nutritionists explained how to train yourself to a healthy diet

Диетологи рассказали, как приучить себя к правильному питаниюHow not to succumb to the temptation and start to watch your diet.

Accustom themselves to proper nutrition is not so easy, especially when we are surrounded by such a quantity of tempting, tasty, but very unhealthy food.

Experts gathered three best and charm the life hack that will help you to start to follow the diet. They commented Vasily Warriors dietitian.

Put yourself a specific goal

This rule is most important because without the right motivation, you are unlikely to overcome yourself. To give up bad snacks, decide why you need it. Put not abstract and precise purpose. For example, you start to eat right, to lose three pounds by the day of birth, to get into a dress or to stop suffering because my stomach hurts after every trip to fast food. If the goal is really important for you, in moments of doubt, you will always make a choice in favor of healthy food.

Review nutritionist. Psychologists have proven that willpower does not exist. Will not work from tomorrow morning to gather ourselves into a fist and start to lose weight. So really the only way to go the distance and achieve the desired weight — find an achievable, measurable goal that you really motivating.

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Surround yourself with healthy food

Buy, finally, a bag of apples or mini carrots, frozen green beans or vegetable mix. Even if your refrigerator is a sausage and chips, next put baked beans, and on the table — a plate of apples.

According to studies, a person who sees healthy eating during food intake, gradually changing your diet, refusing from harmful. So even if you broke down and got a Burger at the food court at the Mall, go to eat it to the window with wholesome food and fresh cocktails.

Review nutritionist. To the point! While in your diet will not be healthy food, and you won’t know if a strong hunger can kill the appetite, not chips, but, say, apples or toast with leaf salad and boiled chicken meat. Most have conceded the first signs of starvation and begins to eat, when logic is off, then grab everything that falls under the arm. So surround yourself with healthy food!

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Protect yourself from advertising junk food

I think you already noticed how many advertisements of different products and fast food restaurants around us. She unconsciously provokes us to eat something out of what we see on the screen. Not to fall under its influence, change the channel, when the TV advertising starts eating, accomplish your goal in Instagram from all food accounts, and advertising on social networks try maximally to ignore. You will immediately notice that the temptations became less and you’re not too fond of all those burgers and fizzy drinks.

Review nutritionist. It’s hard to disagree. Marketers knowingly receive their money. Spent huge funds to get people to buy things they don’t need. Better to look at the photographed is a tasty Burger, and the slimming day by day, in the mirror.

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