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Nutritionists explained how to speed up metabolism

Диетологи объяснили, как ускорить метаболизмPoor metabolism to lose weight is very difficult.

Many of us used to talk about metabolism as a measurement directly related to the ability to lose weight. That is, the control of metabolism easier weight control.

Interestingly, those people who don’t watch their diet and lead a sedentary lifestyle, explain their inability to lose weight slow metabolism. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

But everything is in our hands and should try to change your eating habits, say nutritionists.

Of course, some factors we cannot influence: for example that with age our body somehow changes and it becomes harder and harder to get rid of excess fat, waste and toxins. But to make adjustments is always possible and there are several effective strategies that will help us in this.

When we talk about metabolism, we mean all those exceptional and perfect chemical processes by which cells ensure the normal functioning of our body.

This process can be thought of as a working machine, which is always advisable to try to fill the best “fuel”.

There are many nutrients that can increase its “speed and agility”, and this internal energy will ensure more rapid metabolism.

Experts shared 5 easy tips on how you can do this as efficiently as possible.

1. Eat more frequently, several times a day but in small portions

Always try to keep in the day is that you get all 5 meals, just in small portions. But “gluttony” and the classic feast, allowing you to satisfy your ravenous hunger and defeat anxiety would be completely out of place.

Never leave home without Breakfast. Go to bed on an empty stomach also should not be.

Always keep in mind that long breaks in the meal will only lead to strong fluctuations of sugar level. You will feel tired, but in the long run your metabolism will slow down.

Ideally, you need to eat enough, securing a varied, balanced diet and in between meals, snacking on something useful, like fresh fruit or nuts.

2. Spicy food in moderation is a significant help

Do you like Cayenne pepper? Or maybe chili pepper? Then be sure to add them in a small amount of your favorite dishes. This will almost instantly increase the metabolic activity by as much as 20%.

And all thanks to the substance called capsaicin. We are talking about the active compound that not only gives the above products the sharpness of the taste but struggling with the recently introduced body fat, successfully destroying fat cells.

Spicy food can cook once or twice a week. So you will be able to lose weight without harming their health, but do not forget to take care of the rest of your diet.

3. Say Yes to proteins to speed up your metabolism

Perhaps, you slightly surprised, but the whites are really capable of maintaining a good “performance” of our body, as long to digest and absorbed by the digestive system and also require to spend a large amount of energy.

Only important to know how to choose appropriate sources of protein. Red meat, for example, you will not work, because it has too much fat, so the effect will be the opposite — the metabolism will slow down.

So here’s a note the best sources of protein (for muscle mass and to speed up metabolism):

Chicken eggs.
The chicken and Turkey.
White natural yogurt with no additives.
Chia seeds.

4. Best drink: coffee and green tea

Green tea and coffee, provided they are moderate consumption will also help to speed up the metabolism.

Breakfast is nice and full if you drink a Cup of coffee. The brain will tell you for her “thank you”, and the metabolism will be accelerated instantly!

The fact is that coffee contains several active substances:

Caffeine, an alkaloid fabulous for our body.

Theobromine and theophylline, two substances related to caffeine that also have a stimulating effect.

Chlorogenic acid, a compound that allows slower to metabolize carbohydrates.

Green tea in turn, and its famous catechins contribute to the functioning of our liver, helping to convert fat into energy. So don’t doubt the benefits of cups of green tea in the afternoon.

5. The method of “HIIT”: just 5 minutes ‘ intense exercise

Interval training high intensity (HIIT, the acronym in English) refers to those routines that combine aerobic exercises with anaerobic.

When a person wants to lose weight, speed up metabolism and build muscle, classic aerobic exercises will not be enough.

Exercise and metabolism

Always start your workout with warm up and stretching.

Then try Jogging on the spot, not moving forward, raising their knees high. Enough to do it for at least 20 seconds.

Now press 10 times.

After you do the simple exercises of stretching.

The following exercise: sit on the edge of stable chair and slightly lean back.

Tighten your stomach and bend your knees (90 degree angle).

Keep this body position for 20 seconds.

Here are 5 simple examples that you can complement your choice. The important thing is that on the day you will need only 5 minutes of your time.

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