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Nutritionists explained how to eat women of different ages

Диетологи объяснили, как питаться женщинам разных возрастовWith age keep shape more difficult.

Unfair but true: the older a woman is, the faster the “stick” of extra weight, and the harder it is to get rid of them. However, there are rules that will help to keep the body in good shape and those over 50.

If you are 20 years

Fast food, the passion for sweet, sedentary lifestyle have little effect on the figure of a young healthy girl. If rounded hips and waist, then skorrektirovat weight it is not particularly difficult for a couple of days gone.

The basic rule: drink more healthy drinks.

Naturally, in these years, few people think about how it will look on pensions (from life on Mars). But, nevertheless, you make a good case for myself (more Mature), if you keep track of drinks consumed.

The most caloric drink is cocktails with the addition of liqueurs and syrups, so it is best to choose drinks mixed with soda water. Plan healthier snacks such as chicken with salad.

The fact is that alcohol not only stimulates the appetite but also suppresses parts of the brain responsible for controlling behavior. So the man drunk eats more than I should. There is another way to mitigate the effects of alcohol to accompany each drink a large glass of water.

If you are 30 years old

By this age, the figure could be affected by the following factors: pregnancy and childbirth, permanent job with many hours of sitting at the computer. And started natural age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia).

Adult after 30 years usually lose 3 to 8% muscle mass per decade. But to cope with the negative factors, you can use several strategies of healthy eating.

Basic rule: give preference to healthy food.

Try not to eat for two during pregnancy — approximately half of all pregnant women gaining more than recommended. Calorie needs do not increase until the second trimester, and then grow by 340 calories per day.

During the third trimester the amount of calories getting 450 more than before pregnancy. Pay attention to the calories: for example, reduce the consumption of coffee latte in some coffee shops, this drink contains up to 330 calories.

Limit your coffee daily limit of 250 calories and don’t eat later than 6 hours before bedtime. Often try to eat at home, and not in catering-cooking to help save your waistline and health. Make the refrigerator and freezer supply of healthy foods that long to cook.

If you are 40 years old

Constant fluctuations of progesterone and estrogen (a characteristic of premenopausal women) tend to gain weight. You can counteract this, carefully watching calories and not skipping workouts. In the body the more muscle, the more it burns calories while at rest.

Basic rule: carefully consider diet.

Eat high-quality proteins they need to maintain muscle. Combine them with a green salad and beans, these products help to prevent obesity.

Help your metabolism of physical activity.

For example, go for a short walk after lunch or after dinner. Proved that the effect of the diet increases substantially if you combine it with exercise. But the combination of these factors reduces the amount of fat.

Avoid white bread and pasta. According to the study by Harvard scientists on the metabolism of refined carbohydrates worse effect than saturated fats. Your ratio looks like this: two cups of vegetables and half a Cup of brown rice or pasta from durum wheat (instead of a full plate of pasta and a small handful of vegetables).

If you are 50 years

The low level of estrogen and decrease of progesterone slow metabolism, and belly fat accumulates. But that doesn’t mean that you have to eat poppy dewdrops and leaves of lettuce.

Basic rule: cut calories, not volume.

For example, a salad of celery can be quite voluminous, but will not be a “caloric bomb”. Don’t eat the hummus with crackers and vegetables, or a Cup of brown rice. Don’t watch what you eat but when you eat. According to recent studies, thermogenesis (process of heat production by the body to sustain life) 50% higher in the morning than in the evening.

After sunset the body are less willing to burn calories, preferring to be lazy and to postpone the inventory. Remember the vitamin D can increase muscle strength and prevent muscle loss after menopause. On the amount intake of vitamins and other nutrients should consult a doctor.

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