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Nutritionists explained how dangerous sushi

Диетологи объяснили, чем опасны сушиRaw fish can be very dangerous.

Czech researchers reported that people who love sushi, you need to be careful because the consumption of this dish can be hazardous to health.

We are talking about a dangerous virus that can be contained in a raw fish used for sushi.

In this case, the causative agent of difillobotrioz, which scientists say, is found not only in salmon in Japan and Kamchatka, but also in fish of the Pacific ocean.

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The name Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense and it is dangerous for people with what is the causative agent of dyspepsia. In addition, it can lead to B12-deficiency anemia.

Note that the virus lives in the fish, and one that is often used for sushi.

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