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Nutritionists explain why Breakfast should be at a certain time

Диетологи объяснили, почему завтракать нужно в определенное время It turns out, for good digestion you need to eat Breakfast at a special time.

Nutritionists are constantly telling us that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, without which can not do. At least, experts say that those people who eat Breakfast always and under any circumstances, look better and the weight is the normal, and in a good mood, and metabolism none of them complains. But others who ignore the advice of professional nutritionists, may face problems such as slow metabolism, constipation, obesity, drowsiness and so on.

Why you need to eat Breakfast at a certain time?

The results of several studies showed that human body requires nutrients after an hour after he got out of bed. It turns out that the best and right time for Breakfast is after 1 hour from awakening. That is, if you Wake up at 6 am, then at 7 you have to have Breakfast.

According to nutritionists, that Breakfast is beneficial is shown on the metabolism in the body and metabolism. Food will cause the digestive tract to finally Wake up and do their immediate work.

What are the benefits of Breakfast an hour after waking up?

Exchange of substances. If you have Breakfast every morning before work or school, the gut gets used to it and then works as an alarm clock. And the figure remain slim and beautiful.

The lack of a sense of hunger. The Breakfast buffet will save you from feeling hungry until lunch, which is very useful for all and especially those who always suffers from discomfort in the stomach at work, because in the morning did not have time to eat.

In a good mood. After Breakfast, you will not be distracted by “the voice” inside, which will ask you to eat something. With a full stomach is much more fun. Moreover, Breakfast provides the body with useful energy, so that the person feels cheerful.

Superior cognitive ability. Nutritionists say that proper carbohydrate Breakfast feeds the brain, causing increased his capacity and the person has a better understanding, faster performs its tasks, can at the moment to concentrate on some work, and so on.

To be precise, exactly one hour after I woke up, and after a while you notice that you are feeling better and you look better.

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