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Nutritionists estimate how many calories in a Cup of coffee

Диетологи подсчитали, сколько калорий в чашке кофеIn some cases, the Cup of sweet coffee with a topping of can even be high-calorie, than a croissant or a piece of cake.

Despite the fact that in its pure form, coffee contains virtually no calories, sweet additives like sugar, whipped cream, syrup or ice cream to make this drink is very nutritious. To demonstrate how many extra calories get fans of hot drinks with sugar, we’ve compiled a list of calorie content of different types of coffee.

Coffee without additives

Black coffee (brewed, espresso, Americano) is very low in calories. 100 ml of the drink accounts for only 1-2 kcal.


A traditional cappuccino is a third espresso, a third milk and a third of milk foam. In a medium bowl, cappuccino coffee with no additives contains about 90 calories, and the portion of the volume of 150-180 ml of cream and sugar will bring you not less than 210 calories.


To prepare latte, one part coffee takes three parts foamed milk. The calorie content per serving ranges from 89 to 220 calories.

Items from this collection

The composition of the items from this collection include espresso, milk, chocolate or chocolate syrup, so a serving of this drink has an average calorific value of about 290 kcal.


Because of syrup, milk and whipped cream frappuccino is the calories coffee. In a large glass of this drink contains about 300-400 kcal.


This is a cold drink based on coffee with the addition of ice cream will get you about 125 calories.

Instant coffee

A standard drinking Cup with a volume of 200-250 ml, you’ll get about 14-17,5 kcal.

Coffee 3 in 1

Standard coffee sachets 3 in 1 is a mixture of coffee, sugar and milk powder. It contains around 70 kcal.

Calorie supplements

A teaspoon of sugar will increase the calorie content of coffee-24 kcal, 10 g cream – 20 to 60 calories (depending on fat content), 2 tbsp milk, 2.6 % – by 21 kcal teaspoon of condensed milk – 35 calories, teaspoon chocolate syrup – 15 calories. The ice cream ball weighing 50 grams will add coffee 113,5 kcal.

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