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Nutritionists dispelled the popular myths about food

Диетологи развеяли самые популярные мифы о едеNutritionists are constantly arguing about the benefits and dangers of food.

In these disputes, born only a myth.

Microwave destroys food nutrients

During any heat treatment anyway is the destruction of nutrients. Just one way of cooking is lost more vitamins, and the other less. Microwave ovens use less heat, and heating is faster. Therefore, microwave does not have a strong destructive effect on products. When cooking in a microwave oven, for example, broccoli, the vegetable retains about the same amount of nutrients when cooked.

Chewing gum is digested 7 years

Swallow the confection of inedible elastic foundations, frankly, not the best idea. This is the basis not decomposed, but that doesn’t mean that if you swallow gum, the body will get rid of it only after 7 long years. Due to the natural digestive system gum will move inside at about the same speed as the other eaten products, and eventually will be released along with other waste of the digestion.

You cannot re-freeze thawed foods

For those who are trying to reduce the amount of food waste, the National health service of England is good: you absolutely can safely re-freeze foods if they were properly defrosted. With the exception of raw fish and meat. Their professionals are the service recommends that you first prepare and then divide into portions and freeze.

Natural sugar substitutes is healthier rafinirovannom

Natural sweeteners like honey and agave syrup are healthier only because they contain more nutrients. The rest is the same sugar, consisting of fructose, glucose and sucrose. The body processes them as normal sugar, and if you use natural substitutes in large quantities, it also faces obesity, tooth decay and problems with the pancreas.

Detoxification is beneficial to the body

After a long holidays or the eve of the beach season one of the most pressing issues is a cleansing of the body. To get rid of toxins, many start to lean on liquid food, soups and fresh juices. But the transition to such a menu may actually be doing more harm than good. So, freshly squeezed juice does not remain valuable fiber from fruits and vegetables, plus in such a harsh detox part of the body is deprived of essential proteins and minerals.

You can’t eat a lot of eggs

For many years eggs are the subject of heated debate. Some say that eating eggs is harmful and they increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. Others claim that they are healthy. So who still believe? Recent studies show that a day can be consumed up to three eggs. This amount is considered as safe, since virtually no effect on cholesterol levels and energizes the body with vitamins and minerals.

Frozen products are less useful

In fact, everything is just the opposite. Before fresh fruits and vegetables will be on supermarket shelves may take several days or even weeks. Most fruits and vegetables are frozen immediately after harvest, and thanks to frozen, they do not lose neither attractive appearance nor useful properties. Besides, the beneficial quality frozen vegetables and fruits are stored for much longer than fresh.

Washed the chicken safe for consumption

One of the most common bacteria living on the surface of the chicken is called Campylobacter. It often causes food poisoning and infectious diarrhea. Some believe that if before cooking the chicken a good wash, with meat removed and these bacteria. In fact, the only reliable way of getting rid of bacteria is to cook meat to a safe temperature. If you do decide to wash the chicken, then wash all surfaces and equipment that have touched raw meat and then wash hands thoroughly.

Eating gluten free is healthier

Increasing gastronomic interest customers show towards the products are gluten-free. And like buy food and those who do not suffer from celiac disease. For them somehow on the wave HLS gluten-free products have become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a gluten free food does not help to lose weight or become healthier, but rather for fans of a healthy lifestyle carries more harm in gluten-free foods contain little fiber and high in fat.

Morning stack of hangover cures

To start a gloomy morning with a glass of something alkogolesoderzhaschie for therapeutic purposes may be not only ineffective but also dangerous. If hangover is the new portion of alcohol in the morning can exacerbate alcohol poisoning. Much better from all the symptoms of a hangover makes a good sleep, a cold shower, well-balanced meals and the consumption of large quantities of water.

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