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Nutritionists dispelled the most famous myths about food

Диетологи развеяли самые известные мифы о еде9 myths about food that it’s time to stop believing

Nutritionists have called the most famous myths about nutrition, the belief that is still strong, though contrary to the laws of logic.

Once cigarettes were considered extremely useful. In India, for example, until 1992, the year sold toothpaste with tobacco, and radiation was considered a panacea for many diseases. Stabbed in the side buy of radioactive water. Every day appear all new and new myths about health by tracking scientists refuted in time.

Wine helps fight Alzheimer’s disease

The truth is in wine, but most often we accept the truth of what they want to hear. When a number of studies have found a connection between resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine, and positive effects on the brain, marketers immediately called the wine a panacea for Alzheimer’s disease. The problem is that one glass of wine is quite a bit of resveratol, and to get any effect, you need villosity at least a bucket of wine. But then suddenly remember that drinking — health harm. After receiving the necessary dose of nutrients, you in between to ruin your body of the harmful properties of alcohol.

Salt leads to heart attack

If you believe the supporters of the white “sugar-salt” conspiracy, that these two have destroyed more people than famine and world war. So we lived with the firm belief that the high salt content — it is a straight road to a heart attack. But salt is sodium, which the body needs. The overabundance of so-called “white death”, of course, can raise the pressure, but only for a moment. There is no indication that it affects him in the long run. Moreover, the lack of sodium leads to increase of triglycerides and cholesterol. So no evil connection between salt and heart attack and there was not.

Eggs are bad for heart

Almost from an early age are taught to follow cholesterol — a substance that one day may be in excess to accumulate in your arteries and tired to bring you to heart attack, atherosclerosis and other nightmarish things. As with so many things happening in our lives, it is necessary to be alert. Without it the body cannot exist. When his lot — the body is also ill. Again you need to think about balance.

As a rule, the appearance of extra cholesterol plaques accuse the eggs. But not so long ago the Finns finished his 20-year experiment, which resulted in a comforting conclusion: there was found no evidence that eating one egg per day increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. Moreover, it was found that people who ate about one egg a day had a lower risk of developing a dangerous type of stroke — hemorrhagic. Yes, the yolks are full of cholesterol, but blood from the digestive system gets quite a bit. So eat eggs in peace, it is a relatively inexpensive source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

To lose weight, you need to eat often, but little by little

Some absolutely ridiculous theory that you need to eat a little bit, but very often not to be fat. When you eat, the body produces insulin to metabolize carbohydrates into energy. This excess power is then stored as fat. Accordingly, the more the gap between meals, the more is burned the most energy.

And how are you going to track the level of calories? After all, the more you eat, the easier it is to overdo it and gain too much, because eating it is even one unhappy eating an Apple in between. This way of eating is helpful but not dietary certainly.

You have to drink 8 glasses of water a day

Water is not excessive, especially in the morning with a hangover. Of course, if you drink a lot of water, it will begin prehydrate, the concentration of sodium in the blood drops and nothing good will not wait for you, but we’re talking about moderate consumption, in particular, about those infamous 8 glasses that supposedly need to drink a day. Everything kind of depends on the time of year and climate zone.

Greenlands need less water than a Mauritanian, even. In our latitudes cool enough to drink 30 ml for every one kilo of weight. There is a very very simple way: it is enough to look at your urine. If it’s deep yellow, you need to drink. If clean and clear as a tear Komsomolskaya Pravda — then you enough fluids. So no need to measure and count, just listen to your body.

Vitamins useful for all

Drug manufacturers make billions by convincing us of the need to ingest additional mineral and other substances, which supposedly is not in our food. That is not need any balanced diet, just eat a nice pill that put the power of nature and the periodic table. But in 2010-m to year, researchers from the University of Minnesota proved that taking these vitamins increases the risk of heart disease and cancer. Why pay that kind of money, because there are more budget ways to catch these bad disease, and almost for free?

But there are exceptions. For example, you should increase the intake of vitamin D during the winter months. The rest get hooked on supplements and to fall into dependence on magic pills, you should not.

Milk strengthens your bones

It is considered that milk and bones — forever together as Vinokur and Leshenko, Harry and the Hendersons, Jeeves and Wooster. Bones consist of calcium, but milk and other dairy products also contains calcium. Here it is considered that milk makes bones strong, healthy and almost silky. But calcium can not eat. The bones of a rather fastidious person, and, in addition to the calcium they need vitamin K and magnesium, which milk in there. But they are in cabbage, mustard, greens which, unlike milk, not as fatty. But that doesn’t mean you need to eliminate cheese and other dairy from the diet — no one is saying that it is bad or useless, because it was only about the bones.

Organic food healthier

The more people begin to think about the absorbed food, the brighter the future of humanity. Bad when their worldview define marketing moves that can manage even from withered tomatoes to make the Savior of mankind. The idea is that foods grown without chemicals, it must be better, right?

It turns out, no. Natural pesticides for producing organics, some chemical is much more dangerous. Experts from Stanford University studied about 200 studies on this subject and found no significant differences in the health of those who eat ordinary food from the supermarket and those who eat exclusively organic foods.

Any sweetener is worse than sugar

Never before people were not afraid of sweet so much as in our time. Any product from which something may stick together, causing a terrible panic. People are confused, someone refuses flatly sweet, and someone to choose between sweeteners, cane and table sugar. But all these corn syrups and fructose lead to various diseases more often than spat upon and cursed white sugar.

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