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Nutritionists called the most useful products for Breakfast

Диетологи назвали самые полезные продукты для завтракаThese foods are good to eat on an empty stomach.

Usually in the recommendations of the experts sound prohibitive and cautionary recommendations, but this time talking about foods that you can (and should!) to drink on an empty stomach.

In particular, the doctors don’t mind plates of oatmeal when you Wake up the mucus formed when cooked porridge on the water, has a beneficial effect on the stomach. Oatmeal is quite nutritious in its composition, because it contains many plant proteins, and complex carbohydrates, which will be an excellent source of energy for the body. While oatmeal contains antioxidants that prevent the development of cancer, and substances that contribute to increased excretion of salts of heavy metals and harmful toxins.

Also useful on an empty stomach and buckwheat, which is well absorbed and has a calming effect on the digestive organs. The buckwheat gives the body amino acids, protein, iron, calcium, iodine, zinc and vitamins, its use helps to normalize blood pressure and makes stronger nerves. Even buckwheat gives your body energy for the upcoming working day.

Bread made from whole wheat flour and do not contain yeast is another product that is suitable for use on an empty stomach, experts say. This bread provides the body in complex carbohydrates and is good for the digestive tract, making them more coherent. By the way, eat a piece of bread with butter in the morning – from the point of view healthy eating is not a sin.

In addition, among foods permissible on an empty stomach, doctors have identified boiled eggs, whose protein without problems absorbed by the body, and nuts (in small quantities), containing a lot of fatty acids, normalizes the work of cardiovascular and nervous systems.

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