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Nutritionists called the most useful of porridge for weight loss

Диетологи назвали самые полезные каши для похуденияMost useful are natural whole grains

According to the research of American experts, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the consumption of cereals and products of them can be an effective way to lose weight.

What are the cereals you should include in your diet losing weight people?

The most useful, as told by the nutritionists in the article are natural whole grains not crushed and without repeated cleaning. Porridge oats, brown rice, barley and other whole grain cereals contain more fiber and micronutrients, thereby contributing to the reduction of body weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, said experts.

To such conclusions scientists have come, summarizing the eight-week experiment involving 81 men, aged 40-65 years. First two weeks, all participants ate the same foods that contain processed grain. Then volunteers were divided: part of them remained on the same diet, whereas the other part started to eat only meals from whole unprocessed grains. The content of protein, fat and carbohydrate intake in these two groups was the same.

As a result, participants who ate a lot of whole grains, and the intestine contained greater numbers of bacteria of the Lachnospiraceae and less Enterbacteriaceae. This balance of microorganisms provided the intestinal flora of normal pH and made it free from inflammation. It also appeared that the food is whole grain resulted in a decrease in the level of calories consumed.

“Effect of consuming whole grains leads to a decrease in the total energy value of daily ration of about one hundred kilocalories, which is equivalent to intense walking for half an hour,” stated the scientists.

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