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Nutritionists called healthy foods for a perfect Breakfast

Диетологи назвали полезные продукты для идеального завтракаThe morning was a success, you need to not only have a good sleep, but also to have a good lunch.

Named the nine best foods for a cheerful morning.

Chocolate lovers can rejoice: the morning is the best time to eat a piece of chocolate. It should be of high quality dark chocolate and you can not share this medication! Dark chocolate helps the body produce endorphins, hormones of happiness, and it has a positive effect on blood composition.

But before the chocolate is best to drink a glass of water with lemon. The water should be warm, not cold – this is the main rule. In such water a lot of vitamins and if you drink on an empty stomach, it will improve the functioning of the intestines, stomach and liver: they’ll Wake up and Breakfast will be ready to digest food.

For those who have work demands concentration, you can eat an Apple. This fruit will help the brain, strengthen memory and improve attentiveness.

For Breakfast it is good to eat nuts – they contain carbohydrates and fiber. They quickly saturate the body and help the bowel. After the nuts are not really there, that will be good for losing weight.

Instead of coffee better to drink a Cup of green tea. We already wrote about energy drinks, and now only recall: the caffeine in green tea invigorates, different than coffee, and the harm from him less.

Meat lovers can eat a slice for Breakfast. The best sausage is baked in the oven piece of meat, anyway, he’s a natural. Yes, and tastier, which is already there. The meat will fill you with energy and saturate.

Do not forget about the traditional Breakfast. Oatmeal, sir, an excellent choice of a true gentleman! And the lady too. It has carbohydrates and fiber, so you eat faster and will not pass the time until lunch, eating buns.

Those who eat eggs for Breakfast, well done. First, it is a diet product. Secondly, eggs have a beneficial effect on eye health. Thirdly, they are well saturated and help to fight hunger. Fourth, stimulate brain activity and saturate the body proteins. From all sides the eggs are useful in every way.

Nutritionists around the world bet can or cannot eat for Breakfast bananas. But why not? They are not only delicious, but also serotonin levels increase and saturate the body with carbohydrates. As a result – good mood and energy. Only fond of bananas is not worth a couple of times a week for Breakfast enough.

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