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Nutritionists advise to forget about such snack

Диетологи советуют навсегда забыть о таких вариантах перекусовNot all snacking is useful for figure and health, the most harmful of them said the experts.

Probably we all heard from nutritionists that between meals should be snack. It turns out that on the day people will eat 5-6 times and stop hunger, and it is useful not only for figures but also for the brain and metabolism. The only thing known about snacking is that they should be healthy, low in fat, not bulky, but nutritious.

Nutritionists have called 10 different snacksthat do not have the right to life and not bring any benefit, moreover, are also harmful:

1. Dried fruits. Previously, many believed that dried fruits are very useful, actually it is, but not the ones that you can buy in the store, and those that were cooked at home. These dried fruits are not soaked in sugar syrup and do not cover special liquid, giving the product a glossy Shine.

2. Fruit juice. Packaged juices contain a lot of sugar and preservatives, so instead use harm. If you drink fruit juice, only freshly squeezed.

3. Sweet donuts or “doughnuts”. In any pastry shop to buy a doughnut and eat them between Breakfast and lunch, but for some reason forget that this product consists of dough, sugar and a huge number of carcinogenic fats, increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.

4. Sausage, sausages, sausages. The meat in these products there, but fats, flavor enhancers, excessive calories, preservatives and various additives – a large number.

5. Spray cheese. They are easy to carry to work and eat without interruption from work, but they have so much fat that the body is under serious stress after the first bite.

6. Chips, crackers, snacks. Salt, flavor enhancers, potato, carcinogenic fats, flour, sugar and other nasty things – it is just a little contained in such products. It is unlikely that they will benefit your health.

7. Quick-cooking porridge. It would seem, oatmeal – the most wholesome cereal, but not in the case where it is pre-processed so that a 3-minute steep in hot water. Plus, stick with the porridge contains sugar substitutes, dyes and many other additives that do not have use of the gastrointestinal tract.

8. Cereal or cereal. They usually fill in with milk or yogurt, but that doesn’t make the product useful. Again, all because of the huge amount of sugar and flour.

9. Curd in the chocolate. Natural cheese and dark chocolate with no additives you will find in these cheeses. However, the maximum vegetable fat, colourants, flavour enhancers, calories, sugar and everything else that makes a banal cheese chocolate super-harmful product.

10. Muesli. As bad as quick-cooking porridge and cereals, because they contain sugar and additives. Cereals are simple carbohydrates, so the feeling of hunger will return very soon, but the consumed calorie burn will not be so easy.

Instead of the above harmful snacking experts in nutrition recommend snacking on fruits, vegetables, light salads, handful of nuts, sandwiches of whole grain bread with greens and boiled chicken or fish, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, and other products that will bring maximum benefit to your health and will eliminate the feeling of hunger during the working day.

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